LEGO Dimensions The Creature Hunt Level Pack is a LEGO Dimensions set to be released in 2017.



Jorgen Hellstrider

Weapons: Hellsword

Abilities: Stealth, Super-Strength, Drone (Torcrab), Vine Cut, Sword Switches, Capture Beasts


The Basilisk

Abilities: Vine Cut

Creature Containment Case

Abilities: Trap Creatures


Name: The Creature Hunt

Locations: The Marshy Forest, The Termantula's Lair, The Mountain Caves, The Magical Madman's Pocket Dimension

Enemies: Marshguard Warriors, Termantula Spawn, Magical Novawisps

Bosses: The Marshguard Leader, The Termantula, The Identity Thief, The Magical Madman

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