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All LEGO Dimensions packs:

  • (TALOVAG Team Pack with Vesp and GameTime)
  • (TALOVAG Marty Fun Pack)
  • (Frick Squad Mari Level Pack)
  • (Frick Squad Team Pack with GT-Shot and Spy Lizard)
  • (Terror Week Alvin Level Pack)
  • (TALOVAG Cipher Mega Story Pack)
  • (TALOVAG Trigger Fun Pack)
  • (TALOVAG Pixel Fun Pack)
  • The Adventures of Vesp Story Pack
  • The Adventures of Vesp The Doom-Raider Fun Pack
  • Agent Ghost Fun Pack
  • The Creature Hunt Level Pack
  • The GameTime Movie Story Pack
  • The GameTime Movie King Phantom Fun Pack
  • Morphers Story Pack
  • Morphers Vincent Fun Pack
  • Morphers Team Pack
  • Morphers Pheno Fun Pack
  • Zooker Polybag
  • iNinjago: The Movie Story Pack
  • iNinjago: The Movie Team Pack
  • TBA Fun Pack
  • TBA Villain Fun Pack
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie Story Pack (Blizzard, Morph, Trail Blazer + Blaze Bike, The Trail House)
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie Fun Pack (Lord Blox + Blox Destroyer)
  • Venture Bounty Story Pack

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