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LEGO Dimensions is a Toys-to-Life crossover video game, in the style of Disney Infinity and Skylanders, developed by LEGO and Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and was released on September 27, 2015, in North America and September 29, 2015, in the European Union. The game is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Wii U.

The game was announced to be in development on April 9, 2015, but was first rumored a few weeks before.

Official Description

When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings and The LEGO Movie are swept away. To save their friends, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle bravely jump into the vortex and quickly find themselves fighting to save all of LEGO humanity.

Let creativity be the guide to a building and gaming adventure – journey through unexpected worlds and team-up with unlikely allies on the quest to defeat the evil Lord Vortech. Play with different minifigures from different worlds together in one LEGO videogame, and use each other's vehicles and gadgets in a way never before possible. LEGO Bad Cop driving the DeLorean Time Machine...why not?! The LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu fighting alongside Wonder Woman...yes, please! Get ready to break the rules, because the only rule with LEGO Dimensions is that there are no rules.

List of Custom LEGO Dimensions Packs

Feel free to add any of your custom packs for LEGO Dimensions in the space below.

  • TALOVAG Team Pack with Vesp and GameTime
  • TALOVAG Marty Fun Pack
  • Frick Squad GT-Shot Level Pack
  • Frick Squad Team Pack with Mari and Spy Lizard
  • Terror Week Alvin Level Pack
  • TALOVAG Cipher Mega Story Pack
  • TALOVAG Trigger Fun Pack
  • TALOVAG Pixel Fun Pack
  • The Adventures of Vesp Story Pack
  • The Adventures of Vesp The Doom-Raider Fun Pack
  • Agent Ghost Fun Pack
  • The Creature Hunt Level Pack
  • The GameTime Movie Story Pack
  • The GameTime Movie King Phantom Fun Pack
  • Morphers Level Pack
  • Morphers Vincent Fun Pack
  • Morphers Team Pack
  • Morphers Pheno Fun Pack
  • Zooker Polybag
  • iNinjago: The Movie Story Pack
  • iNinjago: The Movie Team Pack
  • TBA Fun Pack
  • TBA Villain Fun Pack
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie Story Pack (Blizzard, Morph, Trail Blazer + Blaze Bike, The Trail House)
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie Fun Pack (Lord Blox + Blox Destroyer)
  • Venture Bounty Story Pack