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LEGO is a company which makes LMMCU, Vesperal Studios, and 1001 Spears toys such as sets.


  • They are NOT called LEGOs: they are called LEGO bricks for the pieces and LEGO sets for the toys.
  • Galidor and Jack Stone are the only horrible themes.
  • Stickers are the only horrible parts of sets. They are impossible to align, never last, are lazy to be put on sets, and proves that LEGO is too lazy to make prints on every set. (And yet Trigger still complains about the prices of sets that do not have them).
  • 4000013 A Christmas Tale is one of the oddest sets made by the company, with a Snowman with a Skull for a head, contrasting the kids opening presents, elves, and Santa Claus.
  • They're known for making Video Games with large rosters while incorporating Platformer elements.
  • I hope you step on 9,000 LEGO bricks, barefoot, in the dark. Then I will make an ultimate MOC with all the bricks.