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Krish is a character in Morphers.


Krish is an extremely smart Morpher, with the drawback that he knows that he is smart and thus has a large ego. However, he does have moments of dumbness, always denying and forgetting that he had these moments until they are brought back up to him. He is pretty over-dramatic and has a tendency to yell and panic easily, making exaggerated facial expressions while he does this, which sometimes startles others that happen to be near him at the time.


Krish has dark ginger hair, pale skin, and brown eyes, and wears an orange jacket with two zippers, the Flemyng logo, a black top that flows to the upper half of the sleeves, orange pants and shoes with black stripes, a black moustache, and glasses.



  • He is always smiling.
  • He has two appendages on each leg like Winston.
  • His head cameos in Venturian Battle as a hermit crab.
  • He is the chieftain of the Flemings.
  • Krish did not speak in Calling All Morphers' until Generation's 3 update, one Generation after his debut.