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"Supaaaah Dupaaah Smash Brothaaaahs"

This article is about a fan character for Super Smash Brothers 5. Please note that this is not official.

Klonoa is a character in SSBB5. His final smash is to call his twin sister, Vanessa, stupid, fat, and ugly even though she is not. 


Klonoa AntiIngrid is one of the members of the AntiIngrid tribe. He is the exact opposite of Vanessa Ingrid, being skinny, tall, intelligent, and despicable, rather than being fat, short, mentally retarded, and lovable. This causes Klonoa to generally make fun of Vanessa, who he was cloned from, and calling her "fat "and "retard".


Klonoa was cloned from Vanessa Ingrid when the trio where kidnapped by Bad Commander, and was cloned in a think tank. All the AntiIngrids wreaked havoc and commit homicide over Morpher Land, but they where all outsmarted; how Klonoa was he was chasing after Vanessa because she slapped him hard in the face, and she hid up on a lava tower. However, Klonoa knocked down the tower, but it ended up hitting him on the head, giving him a huge bump on his head and amnesia. The three clones were lowered into lava and burnt.


  • The concept art doesn't show the bump.