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Jake is a character in Morphers.


Jake is the epitome of a watchdog: loving to his friends, a menace to anyone who endangers them. Despite not having a vocabulary, always saying a word at a time as well as panting, barking, and laughing, Jake is still a smart, if not animalistic Morpher. However, he does get pissed very easily, and gets revenge when he feels wronged.


Jake has brown hair and brown eyes, and wears a brown jacket over a dark red shirt, grey belts, dark brown pants and boots with grey tops.



Jake has large indestructible teeth that let him give a destructive bite. His hair can also be swung like a whip.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Jake's past. However, he managed to become the chieftain of F. Ganesh village at some point.


  • Jake is well known as the first Morpher to walk on his arms and legs.
  • Like Glenn, his head cameos in the Galaxy Adventures on a weird thing exactly the same as a dog.
  • His hair is used in his abilities like Tess, Fiona, Glenn, Scarlet, and Winston.
  • He is the first Morpher to have a tongue.
  • He is the only hair ability Morpher to have short or non-pony tail hair.
  • He is the chieftain of the F. Ganishes.