Insert Coin Here is the first episode of Press Start.


It starts out with Sky's doorbell ringing and him going to answer it. It turns out to be Miles and he tells Sky he found his old NES in his attic along with some games. Miles sets up the NES and they play Double Dragon, but before they can play the TV sucks the both of them in to the game. Miles and Sky both fall from the Sky and hit the ground. They both get up and Sky gets punched in the face and losses a tooth before Miles kicks a goon in the face. Sky tries to punch another goon by gets throw through a wall. Miles then tries to tell Sky to kick instead of punch, but before he could finish his sentence they get sucked into a portal and into The Legend of Zelda. Sky thinks they are in Final Fantasy and screams in excitement, but soon realizes it's Legend of Zelda and cries. Suddenly the walls turn blue and the grass disappears and they went into Pac-Man. Miles points out Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde, but Sky eats a power pellet and kills them. A portal opens and leads them into Zelda again. Sky gets stabbed by Ganondorf and dies, but regenerates and loses a life. They yet again get sucked into a portal and into Mario Kart where Mario and Toad challenge them to a race. As they both go off Miles gets hit by Wario and loses a life. Sky picks up a red shell and aims for Wario, but accidentally hits Miles instead. Out of no where GameTime comes out of a portal, but Sky helps him up and tells him to get a kart. GameTime gets a racing suit and a kart, but then a random stranger hits GameTime with a fireflower and destroys his kart. GameTime gets a blue shell and hits the stranger off the track. GameTime then catches up with Sky and hits his kart multiple times. Out of no where Sky pulls out a gun and shoots GameTime in the leg. Sky then notices they are no longer in Mario Kart, Miles then points out they are in Call of Duty because he hacked and got the Nintendo Switch. Sky shoots a zombie and puts on shades, but then a portal opens up taking them into the original Sonic game, turning Sky into Knuckles, Miles into Tails, and GameTime into Sonic. Miles notices a kid playing the game, Sky and Miles try to contact the kid, but he turns off the game. Another portal opens up and takes Miles, GameTime, and Sky back to Sky's house where GameTime and Miles both go home.