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  • Vincent and Sheldon: (Running in.) RUNNN!
  • [ Norphers are chasing Vincent and Sheldon, chanting. A single Norpher tails the group.]
  • Norpher: NORPH!
  • Vincent: TURN!!
  • [Vincent and Sheldon make the turn, Norphers smack into stone and it breaks.]
  • Vincent: KEEP RUNNING!
  • [The swarm of Norphers follows them, a single one pops up in front.]
  • Norpher: NORPH!!!
  • [Cut back to Vincent and Sheldon, they are still running.]
  • Vincent: You got a Morpher Wheel?
  • Sheldon: Yeah, yeah! I got Morpher Wheel! (Pulls out Hamanossi BLT.) Hamanossi BLT? OOH, F**KING ZAK(Throws sandwich behind him.) You got Morpher Wheel?
  • Vincent: (Pulling out a Frost/F. Ganish Morpher Wheel.) Yeah, but this one is the incorrect colors!
  • Sheldon: W!
  • [They come to the end of a cliff with a skid. They turn around and react in shock. Norphers are surrounding them.]
  • Norpher: Norph! Norph! Nix! Nooooooooooooooooooorph!
  • [Norpher jumps and breaks off the edge. The two of them fall off, the Morpher Wheel falling to them, as Vincent grabs onto Sheldon. Cut to the Frostbitten Volcanoes. Fiona is flying around and hears the Wilhelm screaming.]
  • Fiona: Huh? (Flies off.)
  • [Cut to the Farmlands. Gordon is making a totem pole from a log and hears the screams. He then goes to save them, cheering. Cut back to Vincent and Sheldon, still falling. Fiona flies up to them.]
  • Vincent and Sheldon: Fiona! (Fiona flies off, they continue Wilhelm screaming.)
  • [Cut to midair. Fiona breathes out ice and forms a frosty slide with a jump and a loop. Cut to the edge of a cliff. Gordon gnaws out a troika and holds it out. Vincent and Sheldon land in it and Sheldon catches the Morpher Wheel. They are screaming in shock now as the sleigh goes through the slide. Fiona breathes out a mound of snow, and they make a landing in it.]
  • Vincent and Sheldon: (Popping out of snow.) Radical s**t! Radical s**t!
  • [The Norphers fall off the edge of the cliff, still chanting.]
  • Sheldon: Fiona! Gordon! (Digs out Morpher Wheel.) Incorrect colors are correct colors for you!
  • [Fiona and Gordon catch the Cubit. A large mustache and beard drops on them and an electrical razor shaves it, forming the Fiona & Gordon Morpher. Cut back to the Norphers. They fall in groups and destroy the icy slide piece by piece.]
  • Fiona & Gordon Mix: (Cranks ponytail like a pulley and carves out an iced statue that looks like Major Norpher. He then imitates Major Norpher’s voice.) Attention!
  • [Norphers stop at statue and salute in fear. One Norpher shakes nervously. Vincent, Sheldon, Fiona, and Gordon sneak past, the Norphers still salute.]
  • Fiona: Well, that ought to hold them.

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