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Incorrect Colors is the twelfth episode in season one of Morphers.


Vincent and Sheldon are being chased by a hundred Norphers, but the only Morpher Wheel they got has the incorrect colors. When Fiona and Gordon arrive, Vincent and Sheldon soon realize that the incorrect colors on their Morpher are actually the correct colors for Gordon and Fiona to Morph. So, they do, and distract the Norphers with an iced statue of their army colonel.


For a full transcript of "Incorrect Colors", click here.


  • This is the debut of a Frost and an F. Ganish.
  • When Sheldon pulled out a Hamnossi BLT instead of a Morpher Wheel, he mentioned Zak being a reference to the episode Changing a Light.
  • Many dubs of the episode have Sheldon Wilhelm screaming out in unison along with Vincent in the beginning few lines, not just the first one like in the English version.
  • When the Norphers are saluting, they are using their left hands, which, in reality, is the incorrect way to salute when the right hand is still able.
  • This episode has been used in various Generation 1 promotions for the show, hinting that it was prepared long in advance.

Memorable Quotes

Yeah, I got a Morpher Wheel. Hamanossi BLT? OOH, F***ING ZAK!
— Sheldon
Well that ought to hold them.
— Fiona