iNinjago Studios (also known as iNinjago Productions) is a company made by iNinjago. It was founded on June 9, 2017.


TV Shows

  • Untitled iNinjago Series
  • NinjaNO! (Collaboration with Red Shogun Studios)
  • iNexo
  • The Epik Journeys of iNinjago and Fun

Video Games


iNinjago: The Movie

  • iNinjago: The Movie (LEGO Theme)
  • iNinjago: The Movie (Funko)
  • iNinjago: The Movie (Quidd)
  • iNinjago: The Movie (Kidrobot)


  • A second iNinjago Spin Off TV Show is in production. It will be about the LMB's and the Galleries.
    • In fact, a third spin off show is coming soon!

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