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iNinjago: The Movie (also known as The iNinjago Movie) is an upcoming 2018 action-adventure movie developed by iNinjago Studios and distributed by LMMCU. The film is directed, written, produced, and composed by iNinjago. The film is set to be released in 2018.

It is set to have 2 sequels, The iNinjago Movie 2, and The iNinjago Movie 3, as well as 5 spin-off TV Series, iNinjago: The Series, iNexo, LEGO Online Odyssey, The Epik Journeys of iNinjago and Fun, and a Untitled show about the Idea Wiki.

Synopsis (Will be updated)

After joining LEGO Dimensions Wiki, iNinjago is facing a online school called Wikia High School. But after unleashing a evil darkness known as Lord Shadowbringer, he and his friends must defeat this evil menace. Travelling from Wiki to Website, the fate of the Multiverse lies in the hands of iNinjago and his friends.



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  • 2 mid-credit scenes is confirmed. They will tease The iNinjago Movie 2. (SPOILERS)
    • The first will have the Wikia teacher starts calling out some names as they are here somewhere in the Detention room but one student is missing, Dr Aidan Quinn. The teacher says his name many times since his yellow jacket and some of his stuff is sitting on a table, but Later... It cuts to the locker rooms and a huge explosion occurs out of nowhere.
    • The second will show the gates of the LEGO Dimensions Custom Community. The screen goes to the LDCC Temple where a teenager is writing. A article about the events of the movie comes up. He stops to watch. After it finishes, he countinues. His user page says his name is Damien the Comment Guy.
  • This film will have a Story Pack in LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Dimensions: Ultimate with iNinjago, LeTesla, and Neo, as well as a Team Pack and two Fun Packs. iNinjago can be used to access his variants from Press Start, The Searing Movie, The Epik Journeys of iNinjago and Fun, The LEGO DTCG Movie, The FutureTrojan Movie, The LEGO Blazer Movie, Dapigin: The Series, Pixel Fox: The Series, Shogun: The Sho, Malevolence and The Adventures of Vesp.
  • This is inspired by The GameTime Movie, The LEGO Blazer Movie, and The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

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