iNinjago: The Movie (also known as The iNinjago Movie) is an upcoming movie made by iNinjago. It comes out December 15, 2017.


After joining a website called Wikia, iNinjago is facing a online school called Wikia High School. But after unleashing a evil warlord, he bands together his friends to form the Wikia Defenders to banish this evil menace. Travelling from Wiki to Website, the fate of the Multiverse lies in the hands of the Wikia Defenders.



  • Fandom Powered by Wikia
    • Community Central
    • FANDOM University
    • Custom Bionicle Wiki
    • The LEGO Ninjago Wiki
    • Ninjago Wiki
    • LEGO Dimensions Wiki
    • LEGO Dimensions Custom Community
    • LEGO Dimensions Fanon Wiki
    • LMMCU Wiki
    • LMMCU Archives Wiki
    • Brickipedia
    • Ideas Wiki
    • The Bionicle Wiki
    • Adventure Time Wiki
    • Steven Universe Wiki
    • LEGO Message Boards Wiki
    • Regular Show Wiki
    • Skylanders Wiki
    • Bandipedia
    • Total Drama Wiki
    • Custom Ninjago Wiki
    • Harry Potter Wiki
    • Minecraft Wiki
    • Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki
    • Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki
    • Venturian Battle Headquarters Wiki
    • Sketchian Multiverse Wiki
    • Gravity Falls Wiki
  • Youtube
  • LEGO Gallery
  • Remains of LEGO Message Boards
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • DeviantArt



  • There will be a TV series based on this.

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