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High on Shrooms is the 10th episode of Press Start. it is also the mid-season finale of season one.


Sky knocks on Miles's door and shows him every single Mario game he has. They go into Donkey Kong first, but soon get sucked into Mario bros., but Bowser appears even though he's not in the game. They then go into Super Mario Bros., they then go to the 3rd version, skipping a game. After beating up some goombas they are in super Mario world, where a yoshi eats Miles and Dave traps Miles in a yoshi egg forever, but Sky breaks him out. Now in Super Mario 64, Peace and Crash come out of a portal and defeat a Chain Chomp along with GameTime stomping on a goomba. They then go into Super Mario Sunshine where Vesp drops out of the sky. Sky grabs the F.L.U.D.D. and Vesp and him go down a pipe and get sucked into Super Mario 3D World. Sky grabs the cat suit and they run around and have fun, but Dave appears and fights them. They attack them, but nothing works. Peace finds a book and tells them to use a VR headset. Sky gives Peace and himself a HTC Vive headset and they shoot Dave. Miles finishes him along with Sonic and he dies, (Or does he!?!?!?). Miles and Sky head back to Miles's house where Miles's mom bought them MCDonalds.