[Opens up with title getting squashed by Chuck and Krish's high five.]

Chuck: High five!

[Chuck laughs]

Chuck: More!

[Krish finds a Morpher Wheel. Krish and Sid Morph and proceed to high five Chuck multiple times while he laughs again, but manically this time.]

Chuck: Yes, yes, yes, yes, YE E ES!! (Flips over the log to get behind it.) MORE! (Gets back on it.)

Sid: No more Morpher Wheels.

Chuck: I got one! (Takes Morpher Wheel from his pants.) MORE!

[Krish and Sid catch the Morpher Wheel in shock and Marph, Marph struggles to stay balanced and stretches one of his arms out in vain.]

Chuck: High five! High five! High f i (Marph lands on Chuck, resumes talking in a daze.) No o o o moo o o re...

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