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Heirloom is a tv show made by Sky Studios,


when a young kid gains his family heirloom: a mysterious amulet, however when he can't take the amulet off, the world starts to change


  • Peace as Clint Mcgreen: the hyperactive,paranoid believer who is cursed by his family heirloom, causing what he believes to become real.
  •  ??? As joe monday: Clint's best friend, Clint relies on joe to calm him down.
  •  ??? As Mack mcgreen: clint's dog, who, due to the amulet, talks
  •  ??? As hiroshima: foreign exchange student and bully, unfortunately, when he tries to steal the mcgreen amulet, he becomes a gremlin.
  •  ??? As Curtis carma: deity of the mcgreen amulet,disguised as a nerd to inform Clint of the danger that will happen
  •  ??? as professor A.M. Mcgreen: Clint's father, and a inventor who studies magic