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[Start with Ted and Luke wearing chef hats in a factory with various conveyor belts. Some have zwieback slices, another has Hamanossi slices. Luke uses his mouth to grab a Hamanossi slice and place it on a pumpernickel slice on a belt, while Ted stretches an arm to grab another loaf slice and place it on the sandwich. Pan down to a dispenser that buzzes with a neon scarlet “Hamanossi” sign. It drops the sandwich out onto a plate. Zak walks in.]

Zak: Hamanossi BBBLT! (Spirals around with an lightning buzz.)

[Another sandwich falls out]

Zak: Hamanossi BLT! (Happily waves his arms.)

[Zak glances at a lever. Another sandwich falls out]

Zak: (Happily clapping and stomping in place.) Hamanossi BLT!!

[Glances at the lever again and another sandwich falls out.]

Zak: (Happily stomping in place.) Hamanossi BLT!!! (Buzzes.)

[Zak runs over to the lever and sets it to “Speedy”. Cut back to the factory, a light blinks on and Ted and Luke look around in shock. Ted extends an arm to keep the bottom bread from moving away, which causes it to pile up. Hamanossi slices hit Luke in the face while zwieback slices hit Ted in the testes. Both of them moan in shock and confusion. Cut back to Zak, who is on the plate.]

Zak: (Jumps up.) Sandwiches! (Jumps up again.) SA-HANWICHES!! (Stops jumping, looks up in confusion.)...Sandwiches?

[Cut back to the factory. Ted and Luke are now buried in pumpernickel and Hamanossi slices. They toss a Morpher Wheel in the air and it spins around a couple times. They are now in a spinning coffee cup ride that spirals them around.]

Ted and Luke: Morph!

[Ted & Luke Morph spirals his arms around a few times and grabs two bread slices and a Hamanossi slice, and them forms them into a sandwich. He speedily makes a ton as the conveyor belt keeps going. Pan down the the dispenser, a ton of sandwiches have now fallen onto the plate, with Zak happily waiting.]

Zak: Hamanossi!

[There is now a giant mound of sandwiches on the plate. Zak pops out from behind it.]

Zak: Mmm… (Swallows wide.)

[Jawg walks in from the other side and devours the entire pile of sandwiches, then walks away. Zak’s mouth is agape.]

Jawg: Hamanossi…

Zak: …BLTs... (Frowns.)