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[ Sid, Vanessa, Vincent and Kristian are enjoying their snacks and making sounds of eating. Sid licks his ice cube and it falls onto Vanessa's BBQ.]

Vanessa: Hey a**hole!! You got ice cube in my BBQ.

[Vincent poops his zappers on Kristian's stones.]

Kristian: And you got zappers in my stones! And...

Vanessa: (Grinning.) is...

Vanessa and Kristian: (Jumping up.) Delicious!

Everyone: Morph(Sid and Vanessa Morph, Vincent and Kristian Morph)

[Cut to a stand. A Sid & Vanessa Morph is behind it, wearing a paper hat.]

Sid & Vanessa Morph: (Farts out two samples of Grill Cubes onto a plate, speaking in Sid’s voice.) Get your piping hot, frozen Grill Cubes!

[Pan to another stand across the trail. A Vincent & Kristian Morph is behind it.]

Vincent & Kristian Morph: (Farts out a small mound of Pop Rocks, speaking in Vincent’s voice.) Get your fresh popped Pop Rocks right here, one bash!

[Gordon runs up the trail excitedly with a bash in hand.]

Gordon: Oh s**t, oh s**t, oh s**t, oh s**t! I got one bash! Now, where to spend it for eating donuts? (He licks his lips excitedly and goes over to the Grill Cubes stand.) Free samples?

Sid & Vanessa Morph: But, of course, sir. (Gordon erotically sucks the two samples like a vacuum cleaner.)

Gordon: Please sir, I would like to purchase--

Vincent & Kristian Morph: Get your free sample Pop Rocks! (Gordon zips over and sucks up sample.)

Gordon: I will buy!

Sid and Vanessa: (Off screen.) Morph!

New Sid & Vanessa Morph: (In Sid’s voice.) Free sample! (Launches a huge Grill Cube into the air from his head.)

Gordon: Sample! (He jumps up and eats it, shivering.)

Vincent and Kristian: Morph! (Vincent and Kristian Morph again and jump into the air, launching out waves of Pop Rocks from his fingers.)

[Sid and Vanessa Morph again and do the same, after a second they stop and Gordon collapses onto the ground, turned into a literal bloated ball. Vanessa, Sid, Kristian, and Vincent walk up to him.]

Vanessa: So...

Kristian: ...which snack...

Sid: ...are you...

Vincent: ...gonna buy?

Gordon: None! (Vanessa, Kristian, Sid and Vincent frown.) I am stuffed!