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Grand Theft Wiki II: The Car Assassin is a M rated game made by LMMCU and Marty McCorps


In the game, You control a drunk teenager known as Rishaan Martyson who is obsessed with street racing, You and your fri- I mean friends (Brend Trigger, Jared "GameTime" Frickison, Nathaniel "Vespy" Light, and Zach Cipher ) try to steal cars and stop scums like cops from ruining their fun.

Meanwhile, in Frick John High School, you are walking in the halls and go to your locker. You get your hands on a beer and your about to drink it when....

Mr. Madman: STOP!!!!!!!

Rishaan: What?

Mr. Madman: Drinking is NOT aloud in this school, especially if your 16!!!!!!!!!!!

Rishaan: F8ck off!

You fight off Madman until he's knocked out

But then, cops come in and arrest you

Avenger Benny: Rishaan Martyson, your under arrest for drinking in high school and beating up your OWN teacher!

Le Le "Whiney" Tesla: YEAH! GO TO HELL!

Your now in jail, and you try and stick your hand through the bars and punch a officer, you get hold of his phone and call a jumpy happy guy named Brend Trigger (Whom everyone normally calls Trigger or Brendan), a pro gamer named Jared Frickison (Whom everyone normally calls GameTime for his video game behaviour), a DJ called Nathaniel Light (Whom some people call Vespy, because he's known for that on the Internet), and a farter known as Zach Cipher (Known as Cipher or just Ciph)

You eventually escape prison by fighting off officers and then you go to a stip club. You harass the girls sexually and the cops come