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Glenn is a Glenward Cortez Morpher.



Glurt is an extremely affectionate Morpher. He is eager to greet his friends, but way too eager. He loves to play fetch and is always panting in excitement. While he is a Morpher of no words, his emotions speak for him. His ponytail is a giant spring that can bounce around with even more energy.

Physical Appearance

Glenn has lime hair, brown eyebrows, green eyes, a blue unknown stain on the left side of his face, and wears a dark green suit with gray sleeves, dark green gloves, and dark green pants with gray lines.


He can eat anything with a trash compacting mouth. He can also form snot bubbles that he can encase himself in. Also, his ponytail can act as a Pogo stick or a motorboat engine when needed. His mouth is also incredibly slobbery.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Glenn's early life. However, he developed a love for "Fetch the Morpher Wheel" with Glender.