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Get Ready to Smash! is the thirteenth episode of Press Start.


Sky rings Miles' doorbell, but GameTime breaks down the door. They find out Miles isn't home, so they decide to play some smash. Miles appears and they all pick Amiibo, GameTime picks Villager, Sky picks Mega Man, and Miles picks Little Mac. Peace appears and tells him his sad backstory of how his father left. They all suddenly get sucked into the game and turn into MIIs. They all regain they're conscientiousness, but Dave E. Vendman appears, but he gets beat up by the guys and their Amiibos. Peace starts hacking and Miles asks how he learned, Peace says his dad taught him to hack. It is revealed Dave is Peace's father. Dave escapes and Meco and Tim (Galaxy Adventures) appear. They chase after Dave and beat him up, Peace then hops in a mech that looks exactly like him. Sky and Miles argue over whether Peace is on their side or not. Dave kills Miles, Sky tries to bring him back, but it won't work. Miles' first grade friend, Lizzie appears and inspires Sky to kill Dave. Lizzie tells Sky that there are many other people who travel through games and there is even a group called the Gamer League. Lizzie takes Sky to the Gamer Temple where Lizzie explains to Sky that the gem in the temple can allow anybody to hack and can hack into a game's data. Sky get tired and goes back home, very depressed and sad.