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GameTime: A Whole New Wiki is an mobile game by The Sly Guy Studios. It was released in June 2017 and in a beta pre-testing phase throughout early 2017.

App Description

An exciting wiki adventure awaits! Collect all your favorite characters, build your own wiki, and explore Fandom in a mission to save the universe! Download the new mobile game that captures the heart of one of the best users ever, RealGameTime.

Relive the movie in this thrilling and hilarious wiki adventure and simulation game that will have you crying in tears. The funny never ends when you play as GameTime, Miles, Trigger, Trail, Searing, or any of your favorite characters from the critically-user, RealGameTime! Is the internet safe in your hands? Play GameTime: A Whole New Wiki to find out!


  • All new story from the creative user, RealGameTime!
  • Embark on a funny wiki adventure as you explore a multiverse of new sites!
  • Build and customize your very own wiki!
  • Complete your character’s best look by unlocking funny and unique outfits!
  • Collect strange items that are dirty and ensure the wiki’s best chance from deletion!
  • Strengthen and level-up your characters!
  • Enjoy original dialogue from creator, RealGameTime!
  • Send your crew on adventure-filled wiki missions!

Embark on an all-new adventure imagined and written by RealGameTime! New wikis, strange users, and unforgettable stories are all waiting for you. So buckle your pants before they fall down, warp off into the "fake life", and play the new wiki game!

Major Events


  • A Wiki Halloween (Halloween 2017)
  • Miracle On McCoy Street (Christmas 2017)


  • Romancing The Wiki
  • LMMCU League Super Heroes
  • The Quest Of Holden
  • A Undercover Mission
  • Terror Tales Of The LMMCU (Halloween 2018)
  • Going North For War (Christmas 2018)


Story Mode Users

District 1

District 2

  • Pixel in Nightcore Sound Station
  • Shade in Peacekeeper Base

District 3

  • Jago in Ninja Showdown Dojo
  • Spacey in Cosmic Observatory

District 4

  • Fun in Lemon Juice Shop
  • Dap in LMMCU Hotel

District 5

District 6

District 7

  • Sky in Video Game Land
  • Toni in Security Scan Office

District 8

Special Users

Daily Reward

Discord Missions

  • Doc in Aidan's Fresh Hideout (Rank 1)
  • Kiddie in Golden Island Treehouse (Rank 3)
  • Spot in Custom Downtown (Rank 7)
  • Abby in Spooky Forest (Rank 8)
  • King Phantom in Castle Phantomus (Rank 9)
  • Gogo in Wedding Church (Rank 2)
  • Athena in Fantendo Stadium (Rank 5)

It's Game-Time Again Mystery Box

  • Zena in Ninja Base (175 Badges)
  • Fricksy Business in Hall Of Wikia Heroes (175 Badges)
  • Professor Magnesium in Fandom Labs (175 Badges)
  • Officer Lawson in Fandom Police Academy (175 Badges)
  • Helena in Fantendo Convention Center (175 Badges)
  • Violet in Fandom News 13 (175 Badges)
  • Jenny in Ideas Wiki Audience Room (175 Badges)
  • Emman in Cinderella's Castle (175 Badges)
  • Raven in Love Letter Spam Mail Office (175 Badges)
  • Peace in Peace's Kingdom (175 Badges)
  • Clara in Creepy Mansion (175 Badges)
  • Gala in Christmas Train Station (175 Badges)
  • Shogun in Danger Dungeon (175 Badges)
  • BNR in LEGO Message Board Fear Raider Court (175 Badges)
  • Paradox in Logo Museum (175 Badges)
  • Vesp in Time Tower (175 Badges)
  • LeLe in Furry House (175 Badges)
  • AD in Graveyard of the Banned Users (175 Badges)
  • Croc in Swamp Shrine (175 Badges)
  • Jedi in Futuristic Galaxy Base (175 Badges)
  • Mint in TDI Control Room (175 Badges)

Premium Users

  • Trojan in Wiki Wanders Camp (300 Badges)
  • Cipher in Farts And Music (150 Badges)

Event Users

  • Events that are in normal font are mini events, events that last no longer than a week.
  • Events that are in bold are main events, events that last a month (4-5 weeks)
  • Events that are in italic were part of the "Superhero Saga", events that lead up to the LMMCU League of Heroes event.
  • Events that are underlined are apart of the current "Fantasy Saga", events that lead up to The Quest Of Holden event.


The Time Tale
  • Vesp in Time Tower (475 Badges)
Viral Spiral
Trending Again
Critical Thinking
  • Thonk in Emoji Encyclopedia Library
  • Minifig in Emoji Genetic Engineering Field
Back To The Past
  • BrinnE in LMMCU Hotel
  • Hank in Garfield's Pet House (TBA Badges)
  • Dave E. Venderman in Video Game Factory
  • Florence Ingrid in Morphers Land
  • Icy in Shade's Secret Hangout (TBA Badges)
  • Cosmic in Future Dome Home
  • Wolf in Homecoming Party
  • Veronica Jackson in Cornerville Beuaty Pageant
  • Tatsumaki in Karate Dojo (TBA Badges)
  • Lia in Scienceton Residence
Break The Internet
A Wiki Halloween
  • Clara in Creepy Mansion
  • Jad in Drive-In of Doom (180 Badges)
  • Nerd in Abandoned Warehouse
  • AD in Graveyard of the Banned Users (215 Badges)
  • Benny in Toxic Serum Factory
  • Lily McCoy in Nightmare Carnival
  • King Phantom in Phantom Underworld Castle
  • Abby in Spooky Forest
  • BNR in LEGO Message Board Fear Raider Court (210 Badges)
The Great Meme War
  • Shogun in Danger Dungeon
  • The Run in Fern's Resting Place
Rise Of The Internet Villains
  • Dadaw in Gello! Jello Factory
  • Lua in Chat Room Prison (200 Badges)
Thanks And Pranks
Get Tubing
Jungle Fever
Miracle On McCoy Street
  • Gala in Christmas Train Station
  • Paradox in Logo Museum (250 Badges)
  • AT Knight in Frozen Fate Mansion
  • Coach in Winter Woods Arena
  • Destiny in Magic Toy Workshop
  • LeLe in Furry House (260 Badges)
  • Neo in LEGO Christmas Cabin
  • Lickerwick in The Toy Store
  • Violet in Fandom News 13
  • Imperfect in Rainbow Land (230 Badges)


Discs Of Justice
  • Mee6 in Giant Meeseeks Box
  • Croc in Swamp Shrine (300 Badges)
Fast Times At Fandom University
  • Domitron in Stone Palace (250 Badges)
  • Alpha in Beast DNA Power Plant
  • Aspenha in Fanon Fireball Space Shuttle
Romancing The Wiki
  • Robyn in DC Database Cave (250 Badges)
  • Nicole in High School Dance Set
  • Jedi in Futuristic Galaxy Base (280 Badges)
  • Archie McCoy in Tunnel of No Love
  • X in Dimensional Throne
  • Emman in Cinderella's Castle
  • Raven in Love Letter Spam Mail Office
  • ChibiTime in ChibiTime's Palace
Game-Time Day
  • Ryan Williams in Soccer Schoolyard
  • Helena in Fantendo Convention Center
  • Peace in Peace's Kingdom
  • Dyno in Rock Paper Scissors Arena
Demon Hunters
  • Psycho in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
  • Alex in Minecraft Shelter
One Last Job
  • Olimar in Pikmin Planet Grounds
  • Mr. Quest in Dragon Slayer Castle
  • Rap in LEGO Dimensions Customs Showcase Building
Sky's Very Own Event
  • Epic in TDI Campfire
  • RBW in TDI Camp Bunk
  • Scrawny in TDI Dock of Shame
  • TDI Fan in TDI Cliff
  • Mint in TDI Control Room (260 Badges)
LMMCU League of Heroes
Bored Games
Movie Mayhem
  • Xavier in Chef's Best Tower
  • Mock in Samurai Temple
  • Khairi in Khairi's Trailer
  • Jenny in Ideas Wiki Audience Room
  • Square in Cube City Plaza (240 Badges)
Pet Detectives
  • Phoebe in Phoebe's Nest
  • Blue in Transform Animals Island
  • Bob in TALOVAG Super Secret Hideout
  • Inkraid in Phantom Underworld Village
Doughnuts And Dimensions
Monster Madness
  • Clay Chagrin in Entrance Comics Jail
  • Ezan in Planet Juanerth Sector 7C (TBA Badges)
Pixel's House Party
  • Lex in DJ Inquires
  • Dad Bot in Dad Bot’s House
The Quest Of Holden
  • Jay in Abagarth School For Knight Training (TBA Badges)
  • Buck in Forest Valley Hill
  • Sarah in Mr. Gearsworth's Tinker School (TBA Badges)
  • Scar in The Eternal Village Of Nature
Freemium Business
Presidential Residential
A Undercover Mission
Mystery Twistery
Turbo Discount
  • Brady in Medieval Marketplace (TBA Badges)
Terror Tales Of The LMMCU
Royal Heist
Sketch It Up
Princess Bad Piranha Plant: A Whole New Wiki
Game On
Going North For War

Coming Soon Users



District 2

  • Pirate GameTime

District 8

  • SlyFoxBandit

Special Costumes

  • Speedy Dog GameTime
  • Fat Gamer GameTime (175 Badges)

Back To The Past/Special Costume

  • Disco GameTime (175 Badges as Special Costume)

A Wiki Halloween/Special Costume

  • Phantom King GameTime (175 Badges as Special Costume)

Jungle Fever

  • Jungle Survivor GameTime

Miracle On McCoy Street

  • Snowman GameTime

Romancing The Wiki

  • Ruby Rose GameTime

Game-Time Day

  • Boot Camp GameTime

LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Ratman

Bored Games

  • The Wizard King Of Wikia

A Undercover Mission

  • Mafia Gangster GameTime

Turbo Discount

  • Matress Firm GameTime

Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Zombie GameTime

Sketch It Up

  • Question Board Host GameTime (TBA Badges)


District 7

  • Trigger-0

A Wiki Halloween/Special Costume

  • Zombie Hunter Trigger (175 Badges as Special Costume)

Movie Mayhem

  • Venture Knight Trigger (TBA Badges)

Presidential Residential

  • Sergeant Trigger


District 3

  • Wizard Mari

District 6

  • Goth Mari

Special Costume

  • Ninja Mari

Back To The Past/Special Costume

  • Retro Gamer Mari (175 Badges as Special Costume)

Miracle On McCoy Street

  • Santa Mari

Romancing The Wiki

  • Lucy Heartfilla Mari

LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Digitgal

Bored Games

  • Shieldmaiden Mari

A Undercover Mission

  • Casino Hostess Mari


District 3

  • Frog Lizard Man

District 4

  • DJ Pixel

Anime Island Adventure/Special Costume

  • Beach Pixel (175 Badges as Special Costume)

Rise Of The Internet Villains

  • Autobeam

Miracle On McCoy Street

  • Reindeer Pixel

Romancing The Wiki

  • Wedding Tuxedo Pixel

The Quest Of Holden

  • Rogue Pixel the Healer

A Undercover Mission

  • MLG Pro Officer Pixel

Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Zipperface Pixel


Crowned A Royal Narwhal/Special Costume

  • Royal Shade (175 Badges as Special Costume)

Romancing The Wiki

  • Kirito Shade

LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Fistlock

The Quest Of Holden

  • Ferwood the Dark Mage Thief

Critical Thinking/Special Costume

  • Shade the Dank Engine (TBA Badges)/(175 Badges as Special Costume)

A Undercover Mission

  • Detective Shade


District 5

  • School Jago

Back To The Past

  • Action Star Jago

Demon Hunters/Special Costume

  • Samurai Jago (175 Badges as Special Costume)

LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Flexster

The Quest Of Holden

  • Cleric Jago

Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Ghost Ninja Jago

Going North For War

  • Secret Santa Jago


Back To The Past/Special Costume

  • Prom Spacey (TBA Badges)/(175 Badges as Special Costume)

Movie Mayhem

  • Dragonslayer Spacey (TBA Badges)

Going North For War

  • Winter Fairy Spacey


Fast Times At Fandom University

  • Blue Shadow

Romancing The Wiki

  • Eren Jaeger Fun

The Quest Of Holden

  • Princess Fun


Romancing The Wiki

  • Date Night Dap (TBA Badges)

Game-Time Day

  • Bugbite

Doughnuts And Dimensions

  • Dwarf King Dap (TBA Badges)

A Undercover Mission

  • Prisoner Dap


The Quest Of Holden

  • Blood Elf Flakey (TBA Badges)

Presidential Residential

  • Admiral Flakey


A Wiki Halloween/Special Costume

  • Ghostbuster Miles (TBA Badges)/(175 Badges as Special Costume)

Jungle Fever

  • Jungle Explorer Miles

Miracle On McCoy Street

  • Nutcracker Miles (TBA Badges)

Fast Times At Fandom University

  • Cloudkeeper

Romancing The Wiki

  • L Lawiet Miles

Bored Games

  • High Discord Status Elf King


Game-Time Day

  • Professor Boomsday

Doughnuts And Dimensions

  • Paladin Trail the Merciful

Sketch It Up

  • Shadus Armor Trail (TBA Badges)

Going North For War

  • Frosty Trail (TBA Badges)



  • Zoomfire

The Quest Of Holden

  • The Bard Searing

Turbo Discount

  • Searsing


Sky's Very Own Event/Special Costume

  • Writer Sky (TBA Badges)/(175 Badges as Special Costume)

LMMCU League of Heroes

  • Amazingo Electro

Bored Games

  • Robin Sky (TBA Badges)

Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Mad Scientist Sky (TBA Badges)


LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Captain Greens (TBA Badges)


LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Ranger Belt

The Quest Of Holden

  • Doc Quinnwalker The Great


LMMCU League Of Heroes

  • Doctor Neuron (TBA Badges)

Pixel's House Party

  • Catapulter Kiddie (TBA Badges)


Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Morrigan Abby


The Great Meme War/Special Costume

  • Sheep Trojan (TBA Badges)/(175 Badges as Special Costume)

Miracle On McCoy Street

  • Elf Trojan (TBA Badges)

Fast Times At Fandom University/Special Costume

  • Toy CEO Trojan (TBA Badges)/(175 Badges as Special Costume)

Game-Time Day

  • Swimsuit Trojan (TBA Badges)

Pet Detectives

  • The Amazingly Trojan (TBA Badges)


A Undercover Mission

  • Cipher the Rock (TBA Badges)


Back To The Past

  • Detention Vesp (TBA Badges)

Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Vampire Hunter Vesp (TBA Badges)


Pet Detectives

  • Dwarf Engineer Shogun (TBA Badge)


Monster Madness

  • Pixie Gala

A Undercover Mission

  • Sexy Police Sidekick Gala


The Quest Of Holden

  • Witch Emman (TBA Badges)

Presidential Residential

  • President Elect Emman (TBA Badges)


Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Werewolf Peace (TBA Badges)

Fricksy Business

Terror Tales Of The LMMCU

  • Phantom Fricksy Business

Questlines & Dialogue

Story Mode Quests

  • A Whole New Wiki, Pt. 1


  • TBA

Special Attacks


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • The Hacker’s Total Deletion (Intro) Intro of the game
  • Just A Game (Cutscene 1) Complete District 2
  • Champion of Words (Cutscene 2) Complete District 4
  • Another Mystery (Cutscene 3) Complete District 5
  • Take Back Wikia (Cutscene 4) Complete District 7
  • The Internet Is Saved (Ending) Complete District 8
  • The Return of Superheroes (LMMCU League of Heroes Event Intro) Start the event
  • All's Well (LMMCU League of Heroes Event Ending) Defeat the final boss

User Collections

The LMMCU Wiki

  • GameTime
  • Trigger
  • Pixel
  • Jago
  • Miles
  • Sky

The LEGO Dimensions Wiki

  • Mari
  • Shade
  • Trail
  • Searing

Discord Residents

  • Spacey
  • AnthonyM

Custom Creators

  • Fun
  • Dap
  • Nerd
  • Benny

Halloween Spirit

  • Phantom King GameTime
  • Zombie Hunter Trigger
  • Clara
  • Lily McCoy


  • Flakey
  • Monkey
  • Detective

Around The Internet

  • Toni
  • Dynasti
  • The Hacker

GameTime's Friends

  • Spot
  • Abby
  • King Phantom


  • Doc
  • Speedy Dog GameTime
  • Kiddie

The Gals

  • Ninja Mari
  • Gogo
  • Athena

GameTime's Other Friends

  • Fricksy Business
  • Professor Magnesium
  • Officer Lawson
  • Violet

Wiki Leaders

  • Helena
  • Jenny
  • Emman
  • LeLe

Sock Account Girls

  • Raven
  • Clara
  • Gala


  • Zena
  • Paradox
  • Shogun
  • Mint


  • Peace
  • Vesp
  • AD
  • Croc

The Real Villains

  • BNR
  • Jedi

Premium Users You Buy

  • Trojan
  • Cipher

GameTime's Costume Box

  • Pirate GameTime
  • SlyFoxBandit

Anything But Fan-Fiction Writers

  • Wizard Mari
  • Retro Gamer Mari

Anything But Candy Drunks

  • Frog Lizard Man
  • DJ Pixel

Dress To Impress

  • School Jago
  • Trigger-0

Game-Time To Suit Up

  • Disco GameTime
  • Fat Gamer GameTime

A Shady Collection

  • Royal Shade
  • Shade the Dank Engine

Outfits From The Future

  • Sheep Trojan
  • Toy CEO Trojan

Costume Party

  • Retro Gamer Mari
  • Beach Pixel
  • Samurai Jago
  • Prom Spacey
  • Ghostbuster Miles
  • Writer Sky

Frick Squad

  • Neo
  • Olimar
  • Mr. Quest
  • Rap

The TDI Wiki

  • Epic
  • RBW
  • Scrawny
  • TDI Fan


  • The McCorps District (District 1) (Starts Episode 1)

"Welcome to the LMMCU Wiki! This is where the gang usually hang out to go on unnecessary adventures and create the dankest memes yet from the LMMCU Headquarters."

  • The Bricky District (District 2) (Starts Episode 2)

"Welcome to Brickapedia! Talk to one of our special LEGO mods for editing help and create pages for lost LEGO sets since anyone can remember! Now with 75% less arson!"

  • The Smashing District (District 3) (Starts Episode 3)

"Welcome to Smashipedia! Smash it up with surreal battle stages, mind-blowing championships, and downloadable content thanks to naggers like you. Also, Waluigi fans."

  • The Stone Order District (District 4) (Starts Episode 4)

"Welcome to Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki! It's time to go to the freaking end. Experience a mining adventure with people that have the weirdest internet stereotypes imaginable."

  • The Magical District (District 5) (Starts Episode 5)

"Welcome to My Little Pony Wiki! Feast yourself on sights in the air, bargains on undervalued pony toys and endless gummy drops that'll make you puke like crazy!"

  • The Camp District (District 6) (Starts Episode 6)

"Welcome to Total Drama Wiki! Relax under the sun, participate in the camp activities, and the only thing that makes this camp stand out: a actual usable microphone stand."

  • The Customs District (District 7) (Starts Episode 7)

"Welcome to LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki! Get ready for crazy mashup adventures, poorly drawn OCs and some new legs for Trigger! You excited? You should be."

  • The Dimensional District (District 8) (Starts Episode 8)

"Welcome to LEGO Dimensions Wiki! Travel throughout the Webiverse and stop The Hacker once and for all! And unlike the GameTime Movie, we really mean it this time."

Level Up System


  • Level 2 (+5000 Edit Storage, 200 Edits, 10 Badges)
  • Level 3 (+5000 Edit Storage, +2 Rift Energy, Rift Energy Refilled)


  • Mission 1 (12 XP, 2 Fights, 1 Questline, 65 Batteries) (4 Grey Computer Discs, 2 Green Computer Discs, 1 Red Computer Disc, 1 Blue Computer Disc, 55 XP, Legendary Mouse, 40 Batteries) (30 Edits, 65 Batteries, 41 XP)
  • Mission 2


Mission 1 (Path 1)

  • Level 1 (2 Hacker Minions, 15 Edits, 5 XP)
  • Level 2 (Emperor Error, Queen Code, 15 Edits, 5 XP)

Mission 1 (Path 2, Requires Pixel)


  • TBA

Daily Login Rewards

  • 100 Edits (First Day)
  • 200 Edits (Second Day)
  • 300 Edits (Third Day)
  • 400 Edits (Fourth Day)
  • 500 Edits (Fifth Day)
  • 600 Edits (Sixth Day)

Seventh Day Possibilities

  • 5 Computer Chips
  • 100 Batteries
  • 4 2-Star Computer Discs
  • 4 3-Star Computer Discs
  • 4 4-Star Computer Discs
  • 4 Gamer Kid Computer Discs
  • 4 Genius Computer Discs
  • 4 Warrior Computer Discs
  • 4 Worker Computer Discs
  • 4 Captain Computer Discs
  • 4 Evil Computer Discs
  • 1,000 Discord Points
  • 10,000 XP
  • 25 Rift Energy
  • 700 Edits
  • Health Pack
  • Revive Pack
  • 5 Badges
  • 10 Badge Pins
  • AnthonyM (One-Time Only)
  • It's Game-Time Again Mystery Box 1 Free Open

Choose Your Own Story Questlines

  • Phantom Trading (17 XP)

In-App Purchases


  • Bag Badges (100 Badges) $1.99
  • Box Of Badges (260 Badges) $4.99
  • Safe Of Badges (550 Badges) $9.99
  • Shipload Of Badges (1,200 Badges) $19.99
  • Chest Of Badges (3,200 Badges) $49.99
  • Wikia Of Badges (7,000 Badges) $99.99


  • Wallet Of Edits (1,000 Edits) $1.99
  • Jar Of Edits (2,600 Edits) $4.99
  • Purse Of Edits (5,500 Edits) $9.99
  • Shelf Of Edits (12,000 Edits) $19.99
  • Truckload Of Edits (32,000 Edits) $49.99
  • Bank Of Edits (70,000 Edits) $99.99


  • TBA


  • TBA

Character And Costume Requirements

Click here for a full list.

Adventure Locations

  • Spotify (District 1)
  • YouTube Gaming (District 2)
  • Discord (District 8)
  • Steam (District 3)
  • Twitter (District 4)
  • Facebook (District 5)
  • Twitch (District 6)
  • Reddit (District 7)
  • Fandom (District 8)

Character Tasks

  • TBA

Idle Animations

  • TBA

Unlock Descriptions

  • TBA

Mystery Box (Permanent)

175 Badges for each pull. If you have a character from the box, it will be taken out. If you have everything from the box already, it will disappear from the store.

  • Fat Gamer GameTime (Exclusive to the Mystery Box)
  • Zena (Exclusive to the Mystery Box)
  • Zena Computer Chips (Exclusive to the Mystery Box)
  • Fricksy Business
  • Professor Magnesium
  • Officer Lawson
  • Helena
  • Violet
  • Jenny
  • Emman
  • Raven
  • Peace
  • Clara
  • Gala
  • Shogun
  • BNR
  • Paradox
  • Vesp
  • LeLe
  • AD
  • Croc
  • Jedi
  • Mint
  • Retro Gamer Mari
  • Disco GameTime
  • Phantom King GameTime
  • Samurai Jago
  • Zombie Hunter Trigger
  • Royal Shade
  • Beach Pixel
  • Ghostbuster Miles
  • Shade the Dank Engine
  • Writer Sky
  • Prom Spacey
  • Sheep Trojan
  • Toy CEO Trojan

Foundation Elements

  • Microphone (District 1)
  • Video (District 2)
  • Chat Message (District 2)
  • Game Controller (District 3)
  • Tweet (District 4)
  • Face Book (District 5)
  • Headset (District 6)
  • Reaction (District 7)
  • Fandom Heart (District 8)



  • Get your town to level 40.


  • Make GameTime and Shade TBA Action


  • Have GameTime TBA Action 50 times.


  • Have Mari TBA Action, GameTime TBA Action, and Pixel TBA Action at the same time.


  • Make Pirate GameTime TBA Action.


  • Make Trail TBA Action.


  • Visit a friend's wiki.


  • Visit 10 friends' wiki


  • Make Trigger TBA Action 25 times.


  • Create 3 outfits for GameTime.


  • Repair the Ninja Showdown Dojo.


  • Place 10 TBA Decorations.


  • Collect 500,000 edits.


  • Make GameTime TBA 100 times.


  • Level up GameTime to level 10.


  • Have Mari Action, GameTime Action, Pixel Action, and Shade Action at the same time.


  • Visit 20 friends' wiki


  • Make Sky TBA Action.


  • Get your town to level 10.


  • Unlock 10 wiki users.


  • Place 5 TBA Decorations.


  • Unlock Trigger

Dimensions Crisis

  • Unlock Mari

Playing Hard(Pixel)core

  • Unlock Pixel

The Hacker's Malevolence

  • Unlock Shade


  • Unlock Jago

It Takes Time And Space(Unicorn)

  • Unlock SpaceUnicorn

A Order Of Lemon Juice

  • Unlock Fun

Dapigin: A Whole New Series

  • Unlock Dap

Skittle Time!

  • Unlock Flakey

The Fandom Order

  • Unlock Miles

Blazin' Out

  • Unlock Trail


  • Unlock Searing

Press Continue

  • Unlock Sky

Video Game-Time!

  • Unlock Toni

The End Of The Beginning

  • Unlock The Hacker


  • Unlock Monkey

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • Unlock Detective

I Got A Idea!

  • Unlock Dynasti

Getting Sketchy

  • Unlock AnthonyM

Doc Quinn, I Presume?

  • Unlock Doc

Bird With Bad Words

  • Unlock Kiddie

Shocking... Positively Shocking

  • Unlock Spot

Finders, Keepers

  • Unlock Abby

Love Live The King

  • Unlock King Phantom

Camp Camp

  • Unlock Gogo

Second First Dates

  • Unlock Athena

Dead Fricks Tell No Tales

  • Create the TALOVAG GameTime outfit.

A Very Sly Boy

  • Create the SlyFoxBandit outfit.

House Broken

  • Create the Speedy Dog GameTime outfit.

Go Robot

  • Create the Trigger-0 outfit.

You're A Wizard, Mari!

  • Create the Wizard Mari outfit.

Death Finds A Way

  • Create the Goth Mari outfit.

Silent But Deadly

  • Create the Ninja Mari outfit.

Teenage Mutant Crazy Lizards

  • Create the Frog Lizard Man outfit.

My Life Is A Party

  • Create the DJ Pixel outfit.

Diary of a Awesome Ninja

  • Create the School Jago outfit.


  • Complete any wiki user collection.

8-Bit Attack Items

  • TBA


Bots are workers that build buildings for you. Upgrading the Bot Garage will give you more workers to produce multiplie buildings at a time.

  • First Bot (Free)
  • Second Bot (50 Badges)
  • Third Bot (125 Badges)
  • Fourth Bot (250 Badges)


District 1

  • Internet Foundation Element Statue Block (5 Seconds, 10 Batteries)
  • Dimensional Portal Block (5 Seconds, 10 Batteries)
  • Block 1 (8 Hours, 400 Batteries)
  • The Pixel House Block (6 Seconds, 20 Batteries)
  • Block 2 (1 Hour, 100 Batteries)
  • Block 3 (2 Hours, 150 Batteries)
  • Profile Picture Clothing Store Block (2 Hours, 150 Batteries)
  • Block 4 (8 Hours, 400 Batteries)

Enemies (Town)

  • TBA





  • "Hey! (insert character) completed (insert task)! There's another reason to be at Fandom!"


  • "Hey! (insert building) has finished construction! Let's see if it's structure is stable enough!"


  • "Hey! Your expansion is now cleared! Now, the area are free from the virus! Hopefully..."


  • "Hey! There's a lot of rent that needs to be collected! Taking money from others is fun!"


  • "Hey! (insert costume) is finished! Let's see some not-that-weird adult roleplaying in it!"

Push Notifications

  • "Don't play other games! Play with me! You know you love me!"
  • "Come back! GameTime's ego needs some feeding!"
  • "HEY! If that doesn't work, I don't know what else will..."
  • "The Hacker is still on the loose! Let's save Fandom... if you care about that!"
  • "You're not doing anything! Let's get going! That's right! I can see you..."
  • "We made you lose touch with your family and friends! How about we go back to Fandom?"
  • "Everyone misses you! Even, Fricksy Business! You remember him, right?"
  • "Don't hang out with people you don't like! Help rebuild the wiki of your dreams!"
  • "We need your help! Head back to Fandom! Better than the other games you have..."
  • "We aren't a educational game but we do teach you how to rebuild a internet site! Head back over here!"