GameTime's Day Off is the twelfth episodes of The Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime.


It starts out in the hotel with GameTime complaing about school and life.But GameTime has a genius idea to fake sick.So GameTime goes to school and tells the teacher he isn't feeling very well so he goes to the bathroom but he meets Pixel on the way who knows that he is faking sick.GameTime makes himself throw up then goes to the nurse's office and throws up on the nurse but his hoodie starts to glow.GameTime does alot of things but then Pixel comes and tells him the police are coming for him.So they do some stuff but GameTime's hoodie keeps glowing eventually the try destroying but i doesnt work.The police catch up to them and GameTime turns into a phatom creature and Pixel dies of fear then comes back to life.But by the end of it Pixel has lost his mind and GameTime finds out that his parents are stil alive!