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Galaverse is a show made by GalaGamer and The LMMCU.

GalaGamer was a normal teenage girl until she found the Virtrix.When she is sucked into a world called Reawakens a world where she meets some of her greatest friends and the greatest of enemies.


The Virtrix Arc

Episode 1:The Virtrix

Gala is a teenage girl who loves to write stories and watch anime.But one day she finds something in her basement that will change her life forever.

Episode 2:Welcome To Reawakens

Gala awakes in a world called Reawakens.Where she meets a panda named Weboy and a guy named Tree

Episode 3-First Quest

Gala And Tree start to venture off to start there town when they meet a group of bandits who are led by a man named Lam

Episode 4-The Green Pillows

After defeating the bandits Gala and Tree start there town and they call it he Green Pillows.

Episode 5-Arrival

After 2 Weeks being stuck in Reawakens,Gala wonders how to get out when somebody else arrives.

Episode 6-First Trial

Gala and Ellie enter the Bronze Trial to get the rank of Class 2 Gubby

Episode 7-Bronze Boss

Ellie and Gala must face Bronzenite the guardian of the bronze trial

Episode 8-The Return

After completing the trial some people have returned

Episode 9-Becoming Friends

Gala and Ellie meet Pixel and Zemo

Episode 10-The Festival

Weboy announces that the Festival Of the Mine is going to begin

The Festival Of The Mine Arc

Roleplay also begins here-Gala


Main Characters

GalaGamer as Gala-The main protagonist who is an expert on anime and writing

PixelFox666 as Pixel-The other main protagonist who loves sugar and music.

SirTree as Tree-One of Gala and Pixel's best friends and one of there traveling companions

PotterAngel as Ellie-Gala's best friend.

Weboy as Panda-The leader of the Reawakens Empire

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