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GOD SAVE MY SOUL!!! Is the 2nd episode of the Pixel House it aired on December 9th 2016.


The kids are at a 7-11 looking for some slushies. Meanwhile Pixel,Gala and Umbreon are looking for everyone else.At 7-11 the cashier asks the kids where there parents are and Sylveon steals a bottle of glitter! The cashier calls the cops and the cops arrive and tell all the kids to get in the car Vaporeon and Flareon start talking trash to the cops.Pixel,Gala and Umbreon notice the car but dissmis it as nothing.Eevee(Who has gotten a new actor) Tells all the kids to be honest.Sylveon runs over to Pixel to go get him.Pixel saves the kids from the cops but Raina Starlinski comes to arrest Pixel but Pixel manges to beg his case and he is fine.Everyone is about to go home when Sylveon starts crying about how she didn't get glitter.Pixel gets her some glitter and allows everyone except Vaporeon and Flareon to get stuff.All the kids try to figure out Espeon's name but fail and try to figure out what Espeon is.Pixel tells everyone that its time to go home.

When they get home Sylveon gets stuck in jar and Espeon gets stabbed.Pixel and Eevee save both of them from dying and Pixel asks what he is going to do with those kids