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GIZTOY: LMMCU The Game is a crossover videogame made by GIZTOY and LMMCU, It'll revolve around every single LMMCU property colliding


Play as your favorite character in the new GIZTOY game! Lord Halloman wants to destroy the LMMCU universe! It's up to you and your fellow LMMCU characters to stop him!


Heroes come in different forces, Collect them by travelling around that force!


  • Vesp (Special Ability: Activate Time Machines)
  • GameTime (Special ability: Destroy characters with coins coming out of them!
  • Trigger (Special Ability: Shoot any targets!)
  • Marty (Special Ability: Beat the sh*t out of people with his toy lightsaber!)
  • Cipher King (Special Ability: His enemies turn into fart)

The Custom Club Force

  • Benny the Brick Boy (Special Ability: Slacks past your enemies!)

Frick Squad Force

  • Mariposa Quinn (Special Ability: SAMURAI MARI! She swings her baseball bat like a samurai sword)
  • Trigger Flag (Special Ability: Shoot anything with his blaster rifle no matter how far!)