[Start in Lava Wastelands. Florence is lounging in a magma spa, and Vanessa is walking. Zoe runs in, shoots Vanessa with a bolt action rifle in the butt and laughs. Vanessa cries and charges at her, but she runs off, causing Vanessa to pass out. Cut to the Mine. The Christians take turns burrowing out of the ground and laugh. Cut to a tree. Sebastian is jumping up, trying to get a Fruit-Nut, but sighs in defeat when he cannot reach.]

Zoe: (Off-screen.) Yo, Sebastian! (Sinister version of Morphers theme plays) (Runs in, circles Sebastian time.) Hey guy, what you ups to?

Sebastian: (Pointing to Fruit-Nut.) Fruit-Nut, Yummy! (Grows depressed.) Not in tummy...

Zoe: No worries, Your pal Zoe got your needs guy! (Pulls out a Morpher Wheel.) TA-DA! Eh? (Looks around, Sebastian is hiding behind the tree. Se sets the Morpher Wheel down, and pats it.) Fruit-Nut...tummy!

[Sebastian nervously goes up to it and touches it.]

Sebastian: (Crying in horror.)

[The Morpher Wheel turns into a huge black hole.]

Sebastian: (Breathing heavily in terror.)

Zoe: (Laughs.)

[The black hole sucks the two in the as Sebastian runs away. They are then smashed by mounds of feces repeatedly, with nuggets sticking to them.]

Sebastian: (Screaming.)

Zoe: (Cackling.)

Sebastian and Zoe: MORPH!

[The two collide each with each other and Morpher. The black hole explodes and the Sebastian/Zoe is in its place. It stands with a determined look, but then stares at it's feet in confusion. One of the jets goes off, turning it's eyes realistically burnt.]

Sebastian & Zoe Morph: (in Sebastian’s voice) EYES! They burn- (Suddenly rockets off, starts screaming.)

[Cut to the Mines, Kristian and Sheldon are lounging halfway in pits, laughing. The Morph shoots them with a gunfire sound. Cut to the Lava Wastelands, Florence is still lounging in the Jacuzzi. The Morph goes underground and pops upwards into the tub, pressing both of them tight.]

Florence: (Straining heavily, her head burst into fire and she screams.)

[An explosion is caused, launching all of them up. Florence falls down with her arms crossed and Sebastian and Zoe fall, de-Morphed.]

Zoe: (Lounging in midair.) Heh, some fun, eh?

Sebastian: (Furiously, chasing her in midair.) YOU...!

Zoe: (Cheerfully screams.)

[The two of them land in the Fruit-Nut tree and fall on the ground.]

Sebastian: (Furiously.) F**k you.

[Fruit-Nut falls, killing Sebastian gorily]

Zoe: Hehe! Fruit-Nut! (Devours Fruit-Nut whole.)

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