GT-Shot Costume (Sackboy)

  • GT-Shot Skin
  • GT-Shot Eyepiece
  • GT-Shot Armor
  • GT-Shot Gloves
  • GT-Shot Guns
  • GT-Shot Pants
  • GT-Shot Boots
  • GT-Shot Eyebrows
  • GT-Shot Mask

Mariposa Quinn Costume (Sackboy)

  • Mariposa Quinn Skin
  • Mariposa Quinn Hair
  • Mariposa Quinn Eyes
  • Mariposa Quinn Jacket And Shirt
  • Mariposa Quinn Baseball Bat
  • Mariposa Quinn Tattoos
  • Mariposa Quinn High Heel Shoes
  • Mariposa Quinn Panties 
  • Mariposa Quinn Collar

Spy Lizard Costume (Big Toggle and Little Toggle)

  • Spy Lizard Skin
  • Spy Lizard Shirt And Hoodie
  • Spy Lizard Bandages
  • Spy Lizard Pants
  • Spy Lizard Claws
  • Spy Lizard Teeth
  • Spy Lizard Eyes
  • Spy Lizard Shoes
  • Spy Lizard Nose
  • Spy Lizard Eyebrows

Trigger Flag Costume (Sackboy)

  • Trigger Flag Uniform And Vest
  • Trigger Flag Skin
  • Trigger Flag Gun
  • Trigger Flag Hair
  • Trigger Flag Ripped Pants
  • Trigger Flag Boot Shoes
  • Trigger Flag Eyebrows

Demon Spirit Costume (Swoop)

  • Demon Spirit Skin
  • Demon Spirit Head
  • Demon Spirit Wings
  • Demon Spirit Claws
  • Demon Spirit Talons
  • Demon Spirit Spikes
  • Demon Spirit Armor
  • Demon Spirit Death Tail
  • Demon Spirit Bruised Horns

Rainbow Cat (Oddsock)

  • Rainbow Cat Skin
  • Rainbow Cat Horn
  • Rainbow Cat Claws
  • Rainbow Cat Nose
  • Rainbow Cat Wings
  • Rainbow Cat Teeth
  • Rainbow Cat Eyebrows
  • Rainbow Cat Tongue 

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