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High Quality Florence

Florence Ingrid is one the main character of Morphers.



Florence is smart, fearless, and relaxed. She also always acts like a typical teenager and talks like a bitch, always saying things such as "chick", "lame", "rad", and "awesome". Since her cerebrum includes so much information, she can get pretty deranged when she is under pressure. She can get pissed extremely easily. Nonetheless, she is extremely sociable and would do anything for her loved ones and siblings.


Florence has blonde hair and brown eyes, and she wears a white sleeveless suit with a black tie and a red skirt.



Whenever furious, overwhelmed, or thinking too hard, her head blasts powerful flames. Her eyes can also catch on fire without being incinerated.



Florence is laying down on a volcano and relaxing during the opening. She is seen again when Sebastian and Zoe slam into it. Florence's face burns and makes an explosion. Her head also explodes.

Macaron-I & Cheese

Florence enjoys the Macaron-Is with the rest of the Morphs. She gives one to Kristian, suddenly realizing that that was the last one. Later, Florence appears as part of the Ingrid merph, and fights against the Christian and the Ernest merphs until they defuse out of exhaustion and Zoe sits on the last Macaron-I. Then the Morphers spot a Norpher with a Macaron-I container and chase after it.

Hot Screaming Shower

Florence hears Vanessa complaining about problems with the shower faucet. Florence suggests they all Morph and create the Ingrid Merph to fix it.


Florence and Sebastian create a magma slide at the Ingrids house, but a Norpher comes in and attempts (and fails) to ruin their fun, and soon, several Norphers invade. Florence and Sebastian prepare to morph, but a Norpher knocks the Morpher Wheel out of Sebastian's fingers. She and Sebastian then recovers it to kill the Norphers and when they combine, they create an extremely monolithic legendary molten rock slide!


Florence and Kristian want to cross a ditch in order to reach the other Morphers' grill, but create a Marph the first time. However, they do get across the 2nd time, but they accidentally ruin the BBQ.


  • In Morphers: The Movie, it is revealed Florence is an expert in every subject known to man, except for engineering, which she knows as much about as a four year old.
  • She is the chief of the Ingrids, and is even the chief of all of the villages, because she is shown in the most promotional material for the sets and shorts.
  • She and Sebastian are married.
    • Along with Sebastian, she is married to all the Christianss and always calls them Padrino Cristiano.
  • Like Sheldon, she is known as the most beautiful Morpher.
  • She is the role player of Calling All Morphers.
  • Like the Christians, her favorite game is Stoneball in the episode Stoneball. And thank you, Florence, Vanessa and Zoe are not afraid to play anymore, so she and the other Morphers create a new game called Morpherball after she catches the Stoneball on fire.
  • She is addicted to candy and gets hyper from it.