"Supaaaah Dupaaah Smash Brothaaaahs"

This article is about a fan character for Super Smash Brothers 5. Please note that this is not official.


Flann is a character in SSBB5. His final smash is to let out a extremely high pitched and gay scream. He is Florence's evil clone and is the opposite to everything of her. Flann is MR, a homosexual and very ugly.


Flann AntiIngrid is one of the members of the AntiIngrid tribe. He is a retard who dyed his hair blonde and the colors of the LGBT flag. His most peeved person in the world is Sebastian. He is the complete opposite of Florence Ingrid, instead of being intelligent, straight, and beautiful, Flann is mentally retarded, gay, and ugly as frick.


Flann was cloned from Florence Ingrid when the trio where kidnapped by Bad Commander, and was cloned in a think tank. All the AntiIngrids wreaked havoc and commit homicide over Morpher Land, but they where all outsmarted; how Flann was outsmarted was he was lead into a maze of cacti by Florence, and mistook it for a maze of cucumbers, and broke his lower jaw off after trying to eat one. Flann, like the other clones, were disposed of and burned in lava.


  • This character caused controversy over being offensive to homosexuals and people with retardation.

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