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Fizzas* be a character in Metachargers, 'n be a member 'o th' Sky band 'o pirates who specializes in usin' th' Map Tron, an abacus screen wit' maps on it.


Fizzas* likes his fellow band 'o pirates 'n goin' to fast grub restaurants like McPirates.


Fizzas* was found bein' sold on Craig's List by cap'n Jack Sparrow after bein' a doppelganger 'o him 'n raidin' Port Royal. He was bought by Sky Lord 'n joined th' Sky band 'o pirates. He specialized in a device called th' Map Tron, which he used to help them find treasure, Metachargers, 'n restraunts. When th' Metachargers ambushed their levitatin' scurvy pirate ship, Fizzas* located their coordinates, but also wanted to get some midday meal from McPirates.


  • Fizz**s be voiced by Cap'n Jack Sparrow. I mean Johny-Boy Depp.