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Fiona is a character in Morphers.


Unlike her other Frost brethren, Fiona is energetic, speedy, and awake. While the least expressive of Morphers, Fiona is still fairly cheerful. She has a natural curiosity streak that helps her spot Norphers from a distance, with the drawback that she always misses the obvious in front of her.


Fiona has ice blue hair, blue eyes, and wears a turquoise jacket, black gloves, black pants, and grey socks.



Fiona is able to fly by using her gloves. Not having the ability to use her hands normally, she must apply all she knows to adapt to certain situations. Fiona also has ice breath, which she can blow to create icy structures, or freeze hostiles. Like her brother Luke, when she cries, her tears also freeze, but comes at a disadvantage, as she can end up frozen from her own tears.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Fiona's early life. However, she managed to become Frost Chiefess in the past.


  • Her head cameos in Galaxy Adventures as a Seiryuu.
  • She is only known for being the first Morpher who can fly.
  • She has icy breath, providing proof she is based on a Seiryuu, as mythical dragons breath flames.
    • Like Winston, she can breathe/blow something out of her mouth.
  • She has the same boot brand as Florence.
  • She is the chief of the Frosts.
    • This is only because she is able to stay awake long enough.
  • She uses her boots as hands on the Morphers Website.