Welcome to the Community Central chat. Please read the chat guidelines and have fun! 7:47 MLG Neo-Futurist im a feminist and i am proud


7:47 Cans48 Ah k. 7:47 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm ok idc 7:47 MLG Neo-Futurist is there a femism wiki 7:47 Cans48 well 7:47 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm yes It's called LMR 7:48 Cans48 7:48 MLG Neo-Futurist i like hillary clinton i think she will do a good job for us 7:48 Cans48 ok. i don't support her but k 200%Toguro has joined the chat. 7:49 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Rather her than El Trumo 7:49 MLG Neo-Futurist i used to be a man but feminism made me see things differently  :) 7:49 Cans48 ok. [small]i support trump, but k 7:49 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm But I supported Bernie most of all 7:49 Cans48 shoot 7:49 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm

  • LE GASP*

7:50 Cans48 quoi? 7:50 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm SOMEONE HAS A DIFFERENT POLITICAL VIEW? HOW DARE YOU? 7:50 Cans48 what the ok. 7:50 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I'M SINCERELY TRIGGERED 7:50 Cans48 Ok? 7:50 200%Toguro Donald Trump Greedy God , Hillary Clinton 1st Female President 7:50 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm NO, NOT OKAY 7:50 MLG Neo-Futurist i hate being insulted for being a women and i think hillary will do a great job at stopping harrasment 7:50 Cans48 Are you alright? @YDNTKWIA Kittynator has left the chat. 7:51 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm NO, I AM NOT BECAUSE 7:51 Cans48 Ok... 7:51 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm SOMEONE DISAGREES WITH ME AND THAT IS A 7:51 MLG Neo-Futurist my parents used to hate me when i told them i was a women but now they support me  :) 7:51 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm CARDINAL 7:51 Cans48 Can you please calm down? 7:51 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm SIN 7:51 Cans48 And stop flooding? 7:51 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Okay 7:51 Cans48 Also 7:52 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Yes? 7:52 Cans48 "Cardinal Sin" isn't a thing. 7:52 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm It is


7:52 MLG Neo-Futurist i get triggered every time i hear the word "man" 7:52 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm man 7:52 Cans48 when and where did this happen? 7:52 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm It happened 7:52 Cans48 oh wait differnet context


7:52 MLG Neo-Futurist when someone says sir i tell them "did you assume my gender" 7:52 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm When someone 7:52 Cans48 I thought you meant like venial and mortal 7:52 MLG Neo-Futurist i sue them for sexual harrasment 7:52 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I did assume your gender.  :) 7:52 Cans48 I am male, but k 7:53 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm BUT I assumed it was an attack helicopter 7:53 MLG Neo-Futurist i like obama and lgbt 7:53 Cans48 Ah. K 7:53 MLG Neo-Futurist i am am athiest so i believe christians are mean 7:53 Cans48 Uhm... I am catholic but ok 7:54 MLG Neo-Futurist christians are very mean to me 7:54 Cans48 Ok. 7:54 MLG Neo-Futurist they say i will go to hell Darkwing Duckness has joined the chat. 7:54 MLG Neo-Futurist thats not nice 7:54 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm You know what I find is funny? 7:54 Cans48 I don't say that. 7:54 MLG Neo-Futurist also i think there should be abortion 7:55 200%Toguro Nobody will go to hell I will save u all promise 7:55 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm The fact that SOME Christians say "There's no proof for evolution!" and yet they believe in a mythical, omnipotent being Depth Strider 10 has joined the chat. 7:55 MLG Neo-Futurist women are important 7:55 Cans48 Ok. Men are equally also but ok 7:55 MLG Neo-Futurist and they should kill the innocent beings 7:55 Cans48 Ok... 7:55 MLG Neo-Futurist they have that right 7:55 Cans48 who? Chey14 has left the chat. 7:55 Depth Strider 10 What the.... 7:55 MLG Neo-Futurist women have to right to kill babies that never sinned once in their lives 7:55 Cans48 you know you remind me of someome TinaBlanch 7:56 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Me? 7:56 Cans48 Have you heard of her? 7:56 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Yes Because I am her And I'm triggered 7:56 Cans48 ah. k 7:56 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Because you assumed my gender 7:56 Cans48 "women have to right to kill babies that never sinned once in their lives" 7:56 Velstadt'sChampion03

....It's called Abortion for a reason, not 'Killing Babies'.

7:56 Cans48 what the ... 7:56 MLG Neo-Futurist women can be better than men women should be president 7:56 Cans48 then you are not a feminist 7:56 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm And men can be better than women 7:56 MLG Neo-Futurist even if they are terrible like hillary SamanthaLovesPie110 has joined the chat. 7:56 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Take, for instance Me 7:56 Cans48 And we can all be even. 7:56 MLG Neo-Futurist as long as they are women its okay  :) 7:56 Velstadt'sChampion03 And men and woman can be the same. 7:57 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I am the best person in the world And 7:57 Depth Strider 10 And men can be better than women, both of them are better in their ways, but none of them can live without eachother. 7:57 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I am a man Depth 7:57 Cans48

  1. YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm for pez
  • prez

7:57 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Men and women could live alone 7:57 MLG Neo-Futurist there should be transgender bathrooms 7:57 Cans48 Ok. 7:57 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm But they choose not to 7:57 MLG Neo-Futurist because immigrants might not tell which bathroom to go too 7:57 Velstadt'sChampion03 I'm going to have to summon Classic Mask Kane don't i? 7:57 MLG Neo-Futurist in airports 7:57 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Because Humans are inherently social creatures 7:57 MLG Neo-Futurist christian are mean 7:57 Cans48 Ok... No we aren't 7:57 Depth Strider 10 I don't mean like in a relationship. 7:58 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I know Darkwing Duckness has left the chat. 7:58 MLG Neo-Futurist because jesus wasn't a women 7:58 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm But 7:58 Cans48 Ok.. that has nothing to do with our religion 7:58 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I could live without women 7:58 200%Toguro If the Pres. Is women government will be weak 7:58 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm And my girlfriend could live without men Chey14 has joined the chat. 7:58 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm It's not impossible either way 7:58 MLG Neo-Futurist women are important because they can get along men cant get along 7:58 Cans48 Ah K. That's not true 7:58 Depth Strider 10 I mean, what I mean is that Men wouldn't be here without women, but Women wouldn't be here without Men. 7:58 MLG Neo-Futurist most women can be lesbian but most men cant be gay 7:58 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I know It's justr The way you worded it 7:59 Cans48 Ok... 7:59 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Was confusing] 7:59 MLG Neo-Futurist being a pedophile shouldnt be illegal 7:59 200%Toguro Women's is Sinners than men's 7:59 Cans48 What the... 7:59 MLG Neo-Futurist they shouldnt be in jail because love is love 7:59 Cans48 Are you crazy? P 7:59 SamanthaLovesPie110 Why not? 7:59 Depth Strider 10 Is this a chat, 7:59 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm "being a pedophile shouldn't be illegal" 7:59 Cans48 Pedophiles? 7:59 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Wat 7:59 MLG Neo-Futurist gay or straight 7:59 Cans48 What the bloody hell? 7:59 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Love is love 7:59 Depth Strider 10 or is this a place to talk about crap. 7:59 MLG Neo-Futurist pedophile or not 7:59 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I agree But 7:59 MLG Neo-Futurist love is love xDDD My Feminism trolling is done 8:00 Velstadt'sChampion03 Men get along better than woman, and Pedophiles should be put in jail....there sick twisted individual's. 8:00 MLG Neo-Futurist


8:00 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Children often don't know what they're getting into 8:00 MLG Neo-Futurist Guys, I was trolling 8:00 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm I know 8:00 MLG Neo-Futurist It's just a prank, bro! Kittynator has joined the chat. 8:00 SamanthaLovesPie110 Oh good. 8:00 Cans48 What the... 8:00 SamanthaLovesPie110 I believed you. 8:00 Depth Strider 10 Well, 8:00 MLG Neo-Futurist I'm not a Femism or transgender 8:00 Velstadt'sChampion03 I knew you were trolling, but that isn't accepted. 8:00 Cans48 Ok... 8:00 Depth Strider 10 that was good trolling I guess. 8:00 MLG Neo-Futurist I am a Christian Conservative 8:00 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm No one on the internet unironically says 8:00 200%Toguro Adam and Eve r both Sinners 8:00 Depth Strider 10 That was convincing. 8:00 MLG Neo-Futurist It's satire Darkwing Duckness has joined the chat. 8:00 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm "I am a feminist" 8:01 MLG Neo-Futurist It's satire 8:01 Cans48 I am a catholic though 8:01 MLG Neo-Futurist I was doing an impression of a Feminist 8:01 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Yeah It was obvious Painfully so 8:01 Velstadt'sChampion03 .....Kurt Cobain was a feminist...and he was a guy. 8:01 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Yes But 8:01 MLG Neo-Futurist "Did you just assume my gender???" 8:01 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm Kurt Cobain Is an idiot in terms of "Internet culture" 8:01 MLG Neo-Futurist gtg


8:02 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm He has NO idea what that means online Seeya Darkwing Duckness has left the chat. 8:02 MLG Neo-Futurist subscribe for more trolling The Pure Dragon has joined the chat. 8:02 YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm No

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