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Come on men, we have gotta get z z z z z z z z z to the pool party!


Ernestine Frenzy is the first episode in Season 1 of Morphers Reunion.

Official Description

When the Morphers have a pool party, Tess needs to find a way to speedily get the stuff that Vincent and Zak need.


Tess: Come on men, we have gotta get z z z z z z z z z to the pool party!

Vincent: I cannot find my hairbrush to brush my hair!

Zak: And I cannot find my Hamanossi BLT Macaron-I sauce!


Zak: What if there is not any sauce there?

Tess: Zak...Grrr...

Zak: Well, while you two get the hairbrush, I will go find the sauce to finish making my sandwich!

(Zak heads to the gally.)

Tess: Let us go find your hairbrush, Vincent!

(Tess looks under the couch, but finds nothing except a Morpher Wheel. Tess grabs the Morpher Wheel and stores it in her utility belt. Vincent dumps the garbage bag out, but finds a bunch of half eaten Hamanossi BLTs. Then, Tess sees it behind the dresser in her room, but cannot reach it.)

Vincent: How would we EVER get that?

Tess: Hmm...I do not know...

(Meanwhile, in the gally)

Zak: Dodo dodo do...I need to get the ham, the cabanossi, the zwieback, and the cabbage, plus the tomato and Gouda...but will someone get my Macaron-I sauce please...

Zak: Sigh...I wonder how it is at the party.

(Meanwhile, at the pool party)

Sebastian: Stop! You retarded Frost! You about to slobber in water!

(Sid is peacefully sleeping)

Sid: What? Oh...Christ...I need to go to the loo...

(Meanwhile, Luke is at the chairs, talking with Kristian)

Luke: So...Why isn't F-ff-f-f-ACHOO O!-Lawrence here?

Kristian: Agh, you retard! You get boogers... all over me... stone fingers! And Florence no... come, because she BURNING... Ingrid!

(Kristian furiously walks to the lavatory)

Sebastian: Florence supposed to... come! Florence had sex... with Me!!!!!

(Sebastian monstrously cries all over Luke)

(Back at the Ernestines home)

Tess: Hey...look, Vincent, It is that Morpher Wheel I found early! How about we morph...or MERPH?

Vincent: Yeah! Zak, come Merph so we can get my hairbrush! I think the jar of Macaron-I sauce is here, too!

(The Ernestines all Merph together, and then the merph grabs the sauce and hairbrush with its tail. It brushes its hair fast, and finished the Hamanossi BLT. Then, it speedily runs to the pool party, de-Merphs, and then the Ernestines cannonball into the water. Due to being based off lightning, their electrical hair, hands, and face electrocute the water and short circuit EVERYONE in the pool.)

Tess: Well, turns out this party was extremely gay z z z z z z z z z...

Morph, Merphs, and Marphs

  • Ernests Max

Speaking Debuts

  • Sebastian
  • Kristian
  • Tess
  • Vincent
  • Zak
  • Sid
  • Luke


  • This is the first episode of Morphers Reunion.
  • This is the debut for Kristian, Sebastian, Sheldon, Tess, Vincent, Zak, Sid, Luke, and Fiona in Morphers Reunion.
    • However, Sheldon and Fiona did not make their speaking debut in this episode.
  • As Tess was the first Morpher to speak in this episode, she is the first to speak in the entire series.
  • This is a debut for a Merph in this series.
  • Before its release, it was named Pool Party. It is still referred to with that name.