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[Episode starts in Mine.]

KristianSebastian, Sheldon, I greatest digger!

SebastianI greatest digger.

SheldonI greatest.

Kristian: Contest! (The Christians dig through the earth. Sebastian and Sheldon loop back to the Mine's surface and Kristian loops back south, blocked by Sebastian and Sheldon's tunnels.)

Sebastian and Sheldon: (Jumping up.) Winner! (Looks around the kingdom.)

Sheldon: Where Kristian?

[Cut to Mountain Urban, Kristian burrows through the ground.]

Kristian: Winner! (Looks around and realizes he is not in the right place.) Wu, Where am I? (The Ernests' hands grab him and he screams as he is pulled toward screen. The screen goes dark for a moment.)

Sebastian and Sheldon: (Popping out of the pit Kristian made.) Kristian? 

[A flash of blue light is shown. Cut to source of light: an Electrical Tree. Kristian is tied against it and The Ernests are surrounding it. The Ernests are laughing. Tess touches her ponytail to Kristian, electrocuting him.]

Kristian: (yelling in agony) YOWOWOWOWOW!

Sebastian and Sheldon: STOP!

Sebastian: You no slaughter Kristian!

Tess: Nah. We Ernests are not---(electrocutes herself)---sacrificing anyone!

VincentYeah! We are preparing for the Ernest annual dance (electrocutes himself) PART-AY!!! (laughs)

Zak: Er(electrocutes himself)nests ---!

Kristian:  I agree to fun ritual!

Sheldon: Then, we make Ernest Boner dance party! 

[Cut to stone formation. The Ernests and the Christians dance]

Kristian: Big, big fun!

Tess: (Pulling out Ernest Wheel) How is (electrocutes herself) about we Morphed it up a notch?

Kristian: Yeah! Yeah! Morpher Wheel! (Pulls out Christian Wheel. The two villages touch their respective Morpher Wheels. They each end up in nests, where a huge chicken sits on them, crows, and they Merph. They start to dance, the Ernest Merph electrocuting themselves.)

Christians Max: Whoa! Your dance moves... electrocute!

Ernests Max: Thank you!

Christians Max: But I greatest... dancer!

[Both Merphs glare at each other.]