"We aren't getting paid to say junk!"

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This is the first episode of The LEGO Game.


Many years ago, A mysterious force known as the Brickinator has awakened by a evil junker known as Hank Mullogriph

But that was one story, I'll tell you the story of a team of heroes completing quests and that kinda stuff

In the treehouse Robin is practicing on his punching skills when Jinx comes in. Jinx: You know the Brick Olympics are today, right? Depending on the player's choice, Robin can either say (A I-I did (B Nope, Not at all (C Oh snap, I forgot! and (D ... Either way Jinx says: Well, We better get ready! ALEX! CHUCK! GET DOWN HERE! Alex: What is it? Chuck: Duh, The Brick Olympics are today

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