I'm not going to be making any super long articles so here we go:

  • We found out there really was a hacker.
  • The hacker was responsible for the Wikia Contributer, HotClara, ClaraPerve, and Meep accounts.
  • The hacker lives in New York
  • Although there was a hacker, Benny did make up a few lies and recently admit they were true.
    • Those lies are what caused me to believe Benny was also lying about the hacker.
  • I'm not the hacker. To prove this, I did an IP check live on chat. My IP address did not match the hacker's.
  • The hacker had put up some sort of Trojan or bait in which Benny fell into. This allowed the hacker to take over Benny's account.
  • The hacker's main account is unknown. That will change soon.
  • I am currently doing research on the hacker. Of course, he left several footprints behind.
  • I've accepted Benny has been hacked and Benny has accepted that I haven't hacked him. The whole "Benny vs Neo" thing is over.

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