The Doom Station is a space base invented by Jon Ulmulk.


  • Trash compactor
  • Tractor beam generator room
  • Detention Block
  • Conference chamber.
  • Superweapon firing room.
  • Weapons lab
  • Turret maintenance room
  • Training room
  • Hangar bay with Jockey's drones.
  • Room with crane
  • Abyss
  • Room that contains two turrets
  • Room that has a missile launcher and various guns located under the super-weapon itself


Guns and Bombs

  • Hellfire Missiles (COD)
  • EMP (COD)
  • Dragonfire Drones (COD)
  • CLAW (COD)
  • Missiles
  • Explosives-Armed Drones
  • Phase Guns (Star Trek)
  • Torpedoes (Star Trek)
  • Hyperspeed (Star Trek)


  • Spider Launchers


  • Car Cannon
  • Avalanche Creator
  • Roughen Terrain

Star Wars

  • BB-8

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