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Destiny Unwind is a teenager who has the power of psychic and is a scrapped character for The LEGO Blazer Movie.


Destiny is a 15 year old and is a teenager with many powerful psychic abilities.


Destiny is a psychic with many powers which include Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Ergo-Ecokinesis, Psychokinesis, and Chronokinesis. Meaning that he can Movie objects with his mind with Telekinesis, he can sense objects and people with extra-sensory elements with Clairvoyance, he can control the elements with his mind with Egro-Ecokinesis, he can shoot blasts of pure psychic energy with Psychokinesis, and he can control the time stream with Chronokinesis.


  • He was cut out from the movie due to various reasons.
  • He may return to the film.

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