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Dapigin: The Series is an animated series created by Dapigin. The first episode aired on November 12th, 2017.

Main Characters

  • Dapigin*

A scientist who invents many cool machines, but most of them don't work and end in catastrophe. Despite this, Dapigin tries his best to be helpful, and is very optimistic

Symbol: Blue Shell

  • BriinE

Dapigin's new roomate. She is a wikia warrior, and gets very annoyed by all of his inventions messing up. She and Dapigin both hate eachother.

Symbol: Three triangles together.

  • iNinjago*

His personality is a lot like Lloyd from Ninjago. He enjoys fighting, being a ninja, and hanging out with his friends.

Symbol: Ninja Star

  • GameTime*
  • SpaceUnicorn*

Super excited and happy, but usually messes up and ruins things. Dapigin's little sister.

Symbol: Lavender star

  • Trigger*

Trigger is an excellent marksman who never misses his target. He has the powers of agility, lasers, toxic, and TNT.

Symbol: Ice Axe

  • Trail*

He is somewhat of a pyromaniac teen who has creativity and humor.

Symbol: Fireball

  • Fun*

Wild and Crazy Teenage boy. He's like the male version of Harley Quinn except he's not evil.

Symbol: Game controller

  • Dr. Aidan Quinn*

A Handsome kind of dude who feels the awesomeness, He has known Discord since the Spring of 2017. He is friends with Fun, Dapigin, iNinjago, and the others. He is 14 (13 prior to Trapped on Meme Island), born on 12/22/2003. He has the power of Morphing (power rangers), poison, and his gadgets

Symbol: Red Sugar Skull

  • Shade*

Shade is friendly, comedic, very analytical, very intelligent, very knowledgable, knows that his personality flaw is that he desires to be better than everyone else. He can control and create all forms of water via Atlantean Magic. He is a Mystic Atlantean. His real name is King Shade II

Symbol: Purple triangle outline

  • Searing*

Searing is serious but can also be funny at the same time. He also likes memes. He looks similar to his appearence in The Searing Movie, but with porportions like the rest of the of the characters, and a symbol on his torso.

Symbol: Thinking Emoji

  • Sky*

Sky is a music-lover, sorta a nerd, funny, kinda crazy.

Symbol: Headphones

  • Miles*
  • Pixel*

Pixel is funny,edgy and likes music

Symbol: A pixelated fox

  • Skittleflake*
  • Square*

Energetic, Positive, and loves music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Favorite bands are Green Day, Black Sabbath, and The Ramones. Slightly crazy at times.

Symbol: Electric Guitar

  • TheRun*

Very over-excited and jumpy. Good at singing. Dapigin's little brother

Symbol: Battery

  • Cipher

He was trapped on meme island for a few months, but he returns to LMMCU.

  • Shy Guy
  • Bill Cipher

One of the main antagonists of the show. A dream demon.

  • Tyro*

One of the main antagonists of the show. A banned member of Wikia, who Dapigin accidentally frees from jail

Symbol: A face burning

  • Ghosty-ghost

One of the main antagonists of the series. BriinE trapped him in a jar 10 years ago and he got out and wants revenge

  • Lord Vortech

One of the main antagonists of the series, who tries to destroy the multiverse.

  • Evil Sky

One of the main antagonists of the series. A bad guy created by one of Dapigin's experiments when he brought Sky back to life.


* * based on a user on Discord and/or wikia


Season 1

  • S1E1 - Partners in Crime (Part 1): Due to money shortages, some users have to get roomates.
  • S1E2 - Partners in Crime (Part 2): Dapigin and BriinE must team up against Tyro.
  • S1E3 - Fly for a Shy Guy: Dapigin meets a Shy Guy who got kicked out of Bowser's castle for being too weak
  • S1E4 - Dapigin Kart!: BriinE bets that her racing team can beat her opponent's racing team
  • S1E5 - Trapped On Meme Island: Searing goes on a mission to Meme Island.
  • S1E6 - Thorn In My Side : Fun, Aidan and iNinjago fight Lord Vortech, but Dapigin accidentally lets him get away
  • S1E7 - GameTime and Trail: Gametime gets to borrow Dapigin's portal thing, so he brings Trail on an adventure using it
  • S1E8 - Toastbusters: BriinE has a dream that leads her, Shy Guy, and Dapigin to the Spooky Mansion
  • S1E9 - Sky's Song: Sky tries to win a music competition
  • S1E10 - That's Enough: A law makes it illegal for Dapigin to make inventions
  • S1E11 - Rap Battle Of Time: Dapigin and BriinE judge the annual rap battle
  • S1E12 - Bee Infestation: Skittleflake accidentally covers LMMCU in bees.
  • S1E13 - Shady Business: Shade becomes a detective once he finds out various artifacts were stolen
  • S1E14 - The Gender-Bender Blender: Miles plans to make smoothies, but Cipher messes with his blender.
  • S1E14 - BriinTube: Dapigin tries to prove to BrinnE that Youtube is difficult
  • S1E15 - SpaceSoakers: In a Splatoon-based parody, Dapigin and friends have a paint-turf-war against evil aliens
  • S1E16 - The Christmas Special: Dapigin's device ends up destroying Christmas.
  • S1E17 - Fricking Pickles: The clouds start raining pickle serum, turning many people into pickles.
  • S1E18 - Eye of the Ninja: Dapigin and BriinE get training from iNinjago to stop Lord Vortech
  • S1E19 - Jailbreak: Trigger and Dapigin go to the land of illegal apps to find Vortech
  • S1E20 (Season Finale) - Tyro: Tyro takes over all of the internet.

Season 2

  • S2E1 - Dead Sky: Dapigin tries to bring Sky back to life after his death against Tyro
  • S2E2 - Evil Sky: Sky is back to life, but evil?
  • S2E3 - Dragon Sky: The de-evilizer gave Sky dragon powers to mess around with
  • S2E4 - Shade's Rich!: Shade wins the lottery
  • S2E5 - TBA Aidan Episode
  • S2E6 - Koopa Party: Shy Guy throws an epic party while everybody is away
  • S2E7 - Scooby Dooby Hickey: Trigger finds a mysterious portal.
  • S2E8 - Love Potion OF DOOM: Dapigin decides to burn down his lab after a new experiment
  • S2E9 - Nightmare Fighters: Dapigin, BriinE, Shy Guy, Fun and Trail enter Sky's dreams after he gets attacked in his dreams.
  • S2E10 - Planet Tumblr: Dapigin, BriinE, Shy Guy, and Sky all go to Planet Tumblr to find Evil Sky.
  • S2E11 - King Phantom vs GameTime: Dapigin makes the best popcorn in the world, so he uses a dramatic movie gun to make a scene that is worthy of eating the popcorn to.
  • S2E12 - Searing's Mind Blowers: It's like Morty's mind blowers, but with Searing's memories
  • S2E13 - Fun in No Refunds: Fun gets a job at the an awful convenience store, while iNinjago is just there.
  • S2E14 - Cub-ot's Pieces: Cubot looses his DNA Tracker, and goes on an adventure to find it.
  • S2E15 - Box Day!: Dapigin and BriinE get trapped in a box.
  • S2E16 - The Hunt for Evil: Sky goes on a solo mission.
  • S2E17 - Trigger's Aim: Trigger's aim becomes awful out of nowhere, and he tries to figure out why
  • S2E18 - Eye in the Sky: It's revealed that somebody is a spy for Evil Sky, but nobody knows who
  • S2E19 - Sky vs. Evil Sky: The ultimate battle begins, between good and evil
  • S2E20 (Season Finale) - Skylanderlord: Sky gets a choice greater than the universe itself.

Season 3A

  • S3E1 - Black Friday: Dapigin hides his feelings with Black Friday hype
  • S3E2 - KFC Bear: The true evil is awoken
  • S3E3 - Time Trouble: The gang meets their future selves
  • S3E4 - Body Swap Bonanza: Dapigin makes a ghost-transition machine, but instead it swaps people's bodies
  • S3E5 - Theory of the Multiverse (Hour long special): Dapigin loves crossover theme songs so much, he makes a multiverse-traveling machine
  • S3E6 - How To Say Sorry: Dapigin tries to write a song to apologize to Sky
  • S3E7 - I Need Help: Dapigin is desperate for advice on how to make up with Sky and BriinE
  • S3E8 - Ghosts Of Truth: Dapigin tries to save BriinE's life to apologize
  • S3E9 - Pixelated: Pixel messes with Dapigin's machines.
  • S3E10 - Where Did It All Go Wrong?: Dapigin makes another catastrophic machine that makes him wonder why all his machines don't work
  • S3E11 - Game vs Books: GameTime gets kicked out of the library, so he hijacks it
  • S3E12 - Out to War: War breaks out in the internet, and BriinE has to leave to fight in it.

Season 3B

  • S3E13 - Lone Wolf: Aidan and Shade try to help in the wiki war. Dapigin finds out the bad things about being alone.
  • S3E14 - Discord: Dapigin goes to the land of Discord and finds old friends.
  • S3E15 - December 21st: Dapigin makes a deal with Bill.
  • S3E16 - Dapigin Christmas (Part 1): GT wins a huge winter cottage, and invites everybody to vacation at it for christmas.
  • S3E17 - Dapigin Christmas (Part 2): The gang goes christmas present shopping, but TheRun, iNinjago, Shy Guy and Shade get locked in the  basement of GT's cottage.
  • S3E18 - Dapigin Christmas (Part 3): Sky reveals a big secret to Dapigin.
  • S3E19 - Newyearsleve: Dapigin makes the big dropping ball thing for new years eve, but it malfunctions.
  • S3E20 - Third Wheel: Dapigin crashes BriinE and Sky's date.
  • S3E21 - TBA
  • S3E22 - Dream Escape B: Dapigin has a close encounter with Bill Cipher.
  • S3E23 - A Shade-Based Episode: The gang all goes to "Summer in January Land: Land", and they all get into some silly zany doings.
  • S3E24 - Dapigin's Birthday: Dapigin brings BriinE on a classic Dap and BriinE co-op adventure in the basement of LMMCU.

Season 3C

  • S3E25 - Fight or Flight: Dapigin and BriinE fight some bad guys together, but Dapigin's hands make him fly, and he can't stop
  • S3E26 - Talk To The Hands: Dapigin is talking to his hands, and nobody knows why.
  • S3E27 - 2 Movies, 2 Actors: For some reason, GT and Trail both want Trigger and iNinjago in their individual movies, causing a lot of arguments.
  • S3E28 - Sky's Fake Shirt: Sky finds a fake shirt.
  • S3E29 - I Never Wanted This: LMMCU has a Valentines Day dance, and there is free food.
  • S3E30 - Triangle Zone: Dapigin is alone with his hands.
  • S3E31 - Control and Coordination: Miles has to keep everybody calm.
  • S3E32 - Meanwhile On Earth: The Earth is finally back to normal... almost.
  • S3E33 - Hike Up Hike Mountain Planet: Dapigin, Shy Guy, and BriinE take a long hike on Mountain Planet.
  • S3E34 - Back in the 90s: Dinietta's flashback.
  • S3E35 - I'm Never Sure: Dapigin takes a moment to remember.
  • S3E36 - (Season Finale) Dapigin: Dapigin's epic battle with Bill.

Season 4

  • S4E1 - Dapigin The Series Go!: The new epic fam D:TS reboot bro fidget spinner dab lit squadfam
  • S4E2 - Dapigin Should Return: 2 months later, Dapigin is now famous, but everybody wants to know "where is he now?", and not even his friends know the answer
  • S4E3 - Detective Shade 2, iNinjago too!: Shade has to become a detective again, and iNinjago and him have to find a lost item.
  • S4E4 - The Train: Dapigin finds out what he missed out on from a train ride.
  • S4E5 - Knight Knight Night?: BriinE and Dapigin get terrorized by a dark knight (not batman)
  • S4E6 - Fraidahites: Dapigin has to hook up a multiverse relinker up to the top of the tower, only to find out he is afraid of heights
  • S4E7 - Black Tie Formal: The LMMCU gang all have to go to a very formal Wikia fundraiser. Trigger and Monkey try to steal cookies.
  • S4E8 - Blame Anybody Else: Shy Guy leads an army to overthrow Bowser.
  • S4E9 - Tyrevenge: Tyro turns the Megaversal Hub into a giant robot to attack people.
  • S4E10 - At The Restaurant: Dapigin, BriinE, and Shy Guy all go to a restaurant. Just normal.
  • S4E11 - TWOastbusters: Dapigin and BriinE go to Rehash Mansion again to defeat Ghosty-Ghost, but Shy Guy comes for other reasons.
  • S4E12 - Mushroom Kingdom: Shy Guy, Sky, and Dapigin go to the Mushroom Kingdom for important businesses, but Dapigin accidentally kidnaps Princess Peach
  • S4E13 - Game Multiverse: Dapigin and Dinietta enter the Game Multiverse accidentally.
  • S4E14 - GameTime: The Series: Dapigin goes back in time and changes the entire universe.
  • S4E15 - Miles In The Past: Miles explains how the LMMCU first began
  • S4E16 - Super Real Manhole: TheRun and iNinjago fall into the "Reverse Manhole"
  • S4E17 - Bad Apples: SpaceUnicorn finds a teleportation apple
  • S4E18 - Fun and Games and Robbery: Fun robs a bank?
  • S4E19 - One on One: Dapigin agrees to the fight.
  • S4E20 (Season Finale) - One off One: It is no longer a fight

Season 5

  • S5E1 - MonkeyGirl228: Monkeyboy229 has been missing ever since the Wikia Fundraiser, and nobody seems to mention it until a new Monkey DJ takes his place
  • S5E2 - dopigon: BrinnE gives Dapigin a child
  • S5E3 - Searing Goes On: A huge meteor comes closer and closer to Earth, and everybody but Searing (and Tyro) thinks it's the end of the world.
  • S5E4 - Jago vs. Multiverse: iNinjago has to fufil an important mission.
  • S5E5 - You're Not Real: Pixel breaks his arm, opening up a hole in reality and dreams.
  • S5E6 - Die Ghost: Shy Guy tries to get into a really cool ghost party
  • S5E7 - Renovation: AD tries to find more money to fix LMMCU hotel
  • S5E8 - Pirates of the Past: Jago and Ghosty Ghost become pirates of the Multiverse.
  • S5E9 - Dapigout: The truth about Dapigin is revealed.
  • S5E10 - D:TS BTS: The LMMCU gang goes BACK TO SCHOOL!
  • S5E11 - The Schema: Dapigin gets stuck in a time loop, but not a regular time loop.
  • S5E12 - Jedi's Ordered: Dapigin meets Shade's ex-friend.
  • S5E13 - Back From The Future: A time traveler returns from the future.
  • S5E14 - War and Peace: Miles gets worried when Peace suspiciously returns to the LMMCU; SpaceUnicorn finds out Aidan's secrets.
  • S5E15 - 5 Different Stories: Tyro is a bounty hunter in space; Fun finds the creepypasta temple; BriinE tries to buy a new sword; Monkey goes to the movies; Trigger realizes the dangers of winning awards.
  • S5E16 - It's All Gone: iNinjago and Ghosty-Ghost return to the LMMCU.
  • S5E17 - Dapigin War Part 1: The end of the multiverse begins.
  • S5E18 - Dapigin War Part 2: Dapigin tries to find all the help that he can.
  • S5E19 - Dapigin War Part 3: The battle for the multiverse truly begins.
  • S5E17 - Dapigin War Part 4: There could be hope.


  • This show is a replacement for The Dapigin Movie.
  • The show is inspired by some RPs Dapigin does on Discord.
  • Dapigin confirmed season 3 will be the longest season of the show
  • Season 4 Episode 1 takes places in a alternate universe from the rest of the series.
  • The show has a spinoff miniseries called DapEdge