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Crashing The Party is the fourth episode of Press Start. The episode starts off with Sky and Miles ringing Peace's doorbell, but Peace isn't home. They welcome they're selves in anyways and go upstairs to head into Crash Bandicoot Remastered. They go in and Sky tries to see if he has any powers, but he gets shot by Neo Cortex. Trigger then comes out of no where and Miles disappears. They both do flips over logs and beat up Goombas even though they shouldn't be there, but before Sky and Trigger can figure it out they are attacked by Evil Aku Aku, but Sky throws an explosive box at him and kills him. GameTime and Pixel then appears out of a portal as well and Sky shoots Cortex with Doom Guy's gun, but Pixel dosen't know who they are and sends Litten to attack Sky. But Sky explains everything and Pixel returns Litten. They then all attack Cortex and Sky deals the finishing blow by blasting Noe's brains out with Doom Guy's Gun. A new portal opens and they all go in and get teleport-ed back.