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Chuck is a character in Morphers.


Chuck is the craziest out of the F. Ganesh, and the nuttiest amongst all of the Morphers; though this fact is not obvious. He is potentially mentally crazy, as he drools constantly and has fury issues; needing to exact revenge when he feels wronged. He has personal space issues as well, as he has the tendency to talk extremely close to others; which is unpleasant thanks to his bad breath. He also does not care for his own safety, due to the fact that he eats whatever he can get his fingers on.


Chuck has a black Mohawk, African American skin, brown eyes, two golden teeth, and wears a brown jacket with a dark red undershirt, black gloves, grey pants, and dark brown boots.


Chuck is able to store any object into his mouth for later use, and also has bad breath that is strong enough to repel Norphers.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Chuck's past life. However, he managed to destroy two of his teeth in the past and needed to replace them with golden teeth.


  • He has two golden teeth.
  • He seems to be extremely derpy.
  • His teeth somehow resemble the fronts of Florence and Fiona's footwear.


Chuck's gun truck was caught in an explosion after Pheno spilled nitro all over it. Chuck was destroyed, but later rebuilt.