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Choose Your Character is the second episode in Press Start season 1.


The episode starts off with Sky ringing Miles's doorbell to tell him about some old gameboys he found, but quickly gets interrupted by Peace. Suddenly Vesp appears out of Peace's Xbox One and and Peace gets sucked into Skylanders: Superchargers. He asks where he is. Sky tells Vesp about a man named Dave E. Vendman who has been taking them in and out of the games. But before Sky can explain, Vesp and Sky get sucked into Rampage. They notice and Sky gives them bazookas from Explosions R Us. Vesp trys to shoot George, but hits a window instead, Sky then kills Ralph and Lizzie while Trigger finishes off George. Sky tells everybody to search buildings for a portal out, so Sky enters a building and finds Flakey under attack and saves them, Flakey then pushes a zombie off a cliff, Sky then gives Flakey a Super-corn. Meanwhile in Superchargers Peace is being eaten by chompies, but makes a vehicle and get a walkie-talkie from Sky. Peace then makes his way to PVZ Garden Warfare 2. To be continued, part 1/2