Morpher Land Morpher found in Level Name(s) Morpher Required
Florence Ingrids I am Florence None
Vanessa Ernests Electrocution None
Zoe Christians Better Safe Than Sorry None
Sebastian Ingrids I am Florence None
Kristian Ingrids Undermine Anything None
Sheldon Ernests
  • Cartridge in a Pear Tree
  • Juiceless
  • Crank it Up!
Vincent Christians Ernest Boners None
Zak Ingrids
  • Simulacrum of Injunctions
  • Allodium Benefactor
  • Toll Cruncher
Tess Christians
  • Transcendental Isle
  • BLT OmOm
Gordon Ingrids A Unique Ally None
Chuck Flemyngs Coffee Break None
Jake F. Ganishes Raiders of the Lost Chantry Fiona
Sid F. Ganishes Weighty Kidnapping None
Fiona Frosts Make Norph Defunct! Krish
Luke F. Ganishes Norpher Rallying None
Krish Frosts Norpher Protection System None
Baylee Frosts Trace of Radiance None
Ted Flemyngs The Circus Jake
Glender Flemyngs Come to the Vault! None
Glenn Glenward Cortezes Recyclable Winston
Torsten Winters Balloon Transport None
Maggie Glenward Cortezes Water Under the Bridge Ladder None
Winston Winters It is Gonna Blow! Howard
Mervyn Spikes Hanging Norphers None
Scarlet Winters Magical Keys None
Fritz Glenward Cortezes Red Light, Green Light None
Howard Spikes The Art of Picturing Glender

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