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Calling All Morphers is a video game coinciding with the Morphers franchise, that will be released on March 3, 2017 on the iTunes App Store and April 1, 2017 on Google Play. It will cost $49.99, and micro transactions can also be expected. It is also coming to PC and Xbox One.


Florence arrives late at a party in the Lava Wastelands, where, unknown to her, the rest of the guests were abducted by the Norphers. Pheno, also not knowing, FaceTimes her throughout the game. Florence gets her first clue after noticing a lot of Norphers and Sebastian locked in a strongbox. Florence later recruits other Morphers like Vincent and goes to other locations like the Mine and Urban Mountain, and fight other types of Norphers like Major Norpher and Boomerang Norphers.

After rescuing all 27 of the Morphers (though the quest is unlocked simply by rescuing 9), the Morphers are sent by an unknown force to go to Morpher Mountain. Once the Morphers go there, they fight off a giant wave of Norphers, and Major Norpher is about to kill all of the Morphers with an enormous pistol, but is told against this by Pheno. The Morphers all do a leap of faith, and land unharmed in Morpher Square, where the Norphers have given chase and are armed with missile launchers, then chase the Morphers through the allodium. Meanwhile, Pheno's blimp is destroyed by Norphers with recoilless rifles, and Pheno leaps from zeppelin, and lands safely with the others via a parachute. The Norphers surround them, however, and a group grabs the Ernests, but all the Norpher Ships unintentionally suck the others in, and the Morphers are left without enemies, ending the game.

In a post credits scene, the Christians dig until they reach rock-head, which shatters, and then reveals a white void, which they run away from, mistaking it for Norpher Land. However, Robert Jacob, Douglas Artur, Sky Lord, and Paisenuef jump from it when they flee, revealing all 1001 Spears properties to be connected.

Official Description

Find lost Morphers, discover new lands and create amazing Morphs, Merphs or Marps in a world of beautiful 3D graphics, all while building elaborate structures to secure your Wheeler supplies. Players take the role of Florence Ingrid, a member of the Ingrid Village as she sets forth on a mission to reunite the lost Morpher villages! It will not be an easy task as offensive Norphers roam the lands between all the Morpher villages and cause trouble for everyone in sight. Florence and the rest of the Morphers will have to use all of their wits and work together to find new allies, gain new bases, gather ingredients, get strong and deal with constant the Norpher problem if they plan to ultimately reunite all the Morpher villages! Calling All Morphers was developed and published by the Emmy and Webby-nominated 1001 Spears.


  • You can take selfies in this game.
  • It takes up 77 gigabytes to download, making it the highest storage killer on the Xbox One.
  • A PlayStation 4 version is slated for an August release.

Version History

Version 1.0: March 2, 2017

Game released.

Version 1.1: April 18, 2017

We hired the exterminator to kill some bugs!


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