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Buisnessman is a character in Metaworld and Meta Testament.


After getting home from work, the murderer struck him in the right cheek with a baseball bat, to the horror of his wife. However, he offered the killer his other cheek, but he declined, and the evildoer proceeded to kill his wife and son. The police arrived, but he forgave the evildoer, and told him he accidentally ran them over with his car. The buisnessman loved his enemy in fear of getting sent to Hell. The next day, he made a cake for the serial killer who hated him. He also lent him all of his money, though he knew the killer never gave him anything back. The serial killer eventually asked for his key, which he gave him, who then drove away on his convertible. He then told the cops about this, who arrested the criminal. However, when the buisnessman died, he ended up in hell for this, and burned in the fire until nothing was left of him.


  • He slightly resembles the rich man who also went to Hell earlier in the episode.