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Bucky is a upcoming character for The Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime. He will appear in Episode 17 and will serve for the main villain for the show. There is no good deep inside him and wants to ruin everyone's life. He also has brown hair.


Bucky was at first portrayed to be a shy and nice kid, but secretly sent Zemo to befriend Pixel and Seven and make them ruin Team Frick's lives. But Zemo was really happy having his friends that Bucky took matters into his own hands and started to ruin the amazing life of Vesp and GameTime. Bucky befriended Vesp to be friends with him, causing Vesp to fall into his trap. When they were walking on a bridge, Bucky punched Vesp off the bridge and left him, Vesp chased after him and tackled the villain. But Bucky stabbed him in the stomach.



Bucky and Vesp were at first friends, but Bucky made Vesp fall into his trap. Now Vesp and Bucky are pure enemies trying to kill each other, but at the end of the entire series, Vesp succeeds and kills Bucky by kicking him into the Golden Fire


Bucky and GameTime are mortal enemies and GameTime knew he was bad from the start. In Season 2's Halloween Special, GameTime defeats Bucky by karate kicking him in the face, then leaving him in Hell. Bucky some how comes back