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Brickitale is a game made by Indie and LMMCU and Marty McCorps, The game adapts on the choices you make



A human named Neo falls through a mysterious hole


He meets a mysterious girl named Clara
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They get along at first, but Neo does not know Clara's darker, evil side. Neo and Clara are playing in a forest Neo: Hey, Look, I found some babies over here! Clara: Great! Take them and follow me, please Neo and Clara carry the babies Clara: Y'Know what? This isn't interesting as I thought it would be, Well I'm throwing these b**ches into the Chopper Highway, Say goodbye! Clara throws babies onto the highway Neo: NO! Clara and Neo watch as the babies get chopped to death, Clara is incredibly fascinated, Neo just stared in horror, knowing he met the wrong person

Quest 1: Finding Help

Clara: That was awesome, right? Neo: Well, I gotta go, Bye! Clara: Wha-? Neo rushes outside to get some help Neo: HELP! MY BEST FRIEND IS A PSYCHOPATH! Luckily for Neo, Clara did not hear Suddenly, Two weird looking humans went in front of Neo MilesRS: Sneaky, little, bastard! Trigger: You're the dude who befriended that complete monster! Neo: I never knew she was really evil, TBH


  • It might be restarted.