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Brawl of the Worlds is a fighting movie coming in March 2017.


High up in the clouds, at a hovering arena named the Midair Ballpark; a large crowd is gathered to spectate a competitive one-on-one fight between two combatants that are sent to the arena: film star hero Marty and the round, unfair-yet-heroic pink puffball Kenneth. Among those delightedly spectating from the crowd are two more Smashers, Maidens Zabinksi and Charlotte, the latter of whom is closely associated with Marty. Hovering above the Midair Ballpark is an area named Sky Land, which is otherwise uninhabited besides a guardian angel chevalier Patrick, who cheerswhile watching the match through the waters of a magic fountain in Sky Land citadel. As the audience watches, Marty and Kenneth have their competitive fight, and Kenneth defeats Marty and emerges the victor. In an act of good sportsmanship, the crowd cheers as Martin and Kenneth shake hands and wave to the audience. The clouds suddenly darken red, heralding the arrival of the Guan Dao, which deposits a payload of Shadow Vermin into the ballpark that form into Maelstrom Army units. Martin and Kenneth are quickly joined by Charlotte and Zabinski as they all battle the mysterious invaders; soon, the leader of the army, the Ancient Priest, floats by and deploys a Maelstrom Explosive, and it is armed and its 3-minute countdown timer is set by two bots that plug themselves into it. The four have no time to investigate the explosive when all of a sudden, main Maelstrom Army member Prince Piranha - a prior enemy to Marty and Charlotte - appears in the ballpark and shoots a cannonbal at Marty, blasting Marty off of the ballpark and far into wonderland. Prince immediately proceeds to capture Zabinski and Charlotte in individual cages. Kenneth must now face the monolithic plant creature and rescue the two maidens alone.

After Kenneth defeats Prince, the cages holding the maidens break open. Kenneth and Charlotte then watch as another main member of the Maelstrom Army, Wilson, makes his entrance. Wilson points a Moonlight Bombard at Kenneth and Charlotte at first, but then notices Zabinski in her helpless position and shoots at her instead; a moonlight arrow that is shot out penetrates the maiden's body and instantly kills her. Wilson grabs the corpse and flees the Ballpark with all haste, but as Kenneth and Charlotte pursue him, Kenneth notices that the Maelstrom Bomb's countdown timer is merely 5 seconds before detonation. Kenneth and Charlotte manage to flee Midair Ballpark in time on Kenneth's preferred mode of transportation, a Star, as the explosive detonates and the ballpark is engulfed in a Maelstrom Explosion that sends its area of space to Maelstrom, leaving a massive, dark violet sphere of Maelstrom behind in its place. Kenneth and the maiden immediately set off in pursuit of the Guan Dao.

Back in Sky Land, Patrick helplessly watches as the Midair Ballpark is consumed by the Maelstrom explosion. Just then, he is summoned by the goddess of Sky Land, the benevolent Pauline, who grants him the task of combating the Maelstrom menace and liberating the world. Pauline bestows a magical longbow upon Patrick to use as his weapon; enthusiastic, Patrick gracefully descends from Pauline's citadel into the sky below and begins his journey. Patrick extremely quickly begins to fight, for the Guan Dao passes through Sky Land and deposits a payload of Shadow Vermin. Then, Patrick spots Marty's body, where it has landed since being blasted out of the Midair Ballpark by Prince's attack, and revives him. The two team up to fight the Maelstrom Army and pursue the Guan Dao through the cloud-like terrain, but they are not fast enough to reach the flying zeppelin. However, a small attack ship is seen flying towards the Guan Dao.

Meanwhile, Kenneth and Charlotte have been flying about in search of the Guan Dao; they are soon surprised to find themselves right in front of it, but seize the opportunity of the moment to make a crash-landing on the warship's roof. They have only start exploring the ship's roof when the ship catches up to the Guan Dao and engages it in combat; the ship is skilled at dodging heavy hostile fire, but only up until the Guan Dao employs its Stern Chaser, which scores a direct hit. The ship is sent spiraling out of control, and as it falls it collides with Charlotte and Kenneth. The collision sends the duo falling off the Guan Dao, and they make a landing at a region of Sky Land named the Ocean of Clouds. They briefly explore the Ocean of Clouds, and climb down until they make it to solid ground. The two continue their search for the Guan Dao on foot as they cross through a field.

In a rainforest far away from Mary and Kenneth's respective groups that is the domain of the gorilla Harambe Lich, he and his monkey nephew, the Peter Lich, pursue the Tortoise Troop as they take back their prized hoard of plantains. After much fighting, the two simians find their stolen plantains, but Grendel himself appears and takes the opportunity to shoot his Moonlight Bombard at Peter. Harambe Lich, in a split-second decision, sends Peter flying away before taking the hit himself. Peter glimpses Harambe being killed as he is sent flying across the amazon, and Grendel claims Harambe Lich's body as his prize.

Marty and Patrick, meanwhile, have touched down on solid ground into a large plain, and continue their pursuit of the Maelstrom Army. Eventually, they come across the Ancient Priest himself, but though the two put up a valiant effort, the Ancient Priest still manages to escape.

Elsewhere in the rainforest, Peter swings his way away from where he was saved from Grendel by Harambe, hoping to find help. He soon arrives at a lake, and discovers at the shoreline the smokey wreck of the attack ship that fearlessly albeit unsuccessfully engaged the Guan Dao early. Suddenly, out of the lake emerges an immense, emerald carnivore, the legendary Laqua, who is obviously furious with Peter and the ship for invading its territory. Laqua blasts the wrecked ship with a Wyvern Pulse, grabs Peter, and finishes him off. In the nick of time, the pilot of the destroyed ship, Fred McTrump, jumps out of the wreckage and saves Peter, and the two team up and defeat Laqua together.

Fred heads off on his own when he is stopped by Peter, who convinces Fred to help him search for Grendel and get back Harambe, and Peter soon has to resort to dragging Fred behind him by his suit's collar. From that point onward, Fred and Peter travel together and battle Grendel's troops, and they soon encounter what would appear to be the beast himself; strangely, Grendel emits a byzantium aura, fluorescent lemony eyes which is his moonlight form, and is larger, and he attacks, but nevertheless, Fred and Peter defeat him in battle. Peter and Fred celebrate their victory, but then, the carcass of Grendel dissolves into shadow vermin, revealing that it was a doppelganger of Grendel comprised of shadow vermin. The real Grendel appears and fires another Moonlight Bombaed shot at them; through quick thinking and reflexes, Fred grabs Peter and jumps off a cliff, saving them both.

Elsewhere in the worlds, a young, timid boy named Jesse wanders a deserted, dilapidated animal sanctuary. He is suddenly confronted by Maelstrom Army forces headed by a vast, animatronic stone statue if the Statue of Liberty. Jesse uses his physic powers to run from the statue, but he trips and gets trapped. Before Jesse can meet his doom, another psychic child, Nester, heroically appears and topples the statue with his Thunderstorm, then shatters it with his Flash. The statue reveals itself to be containing the arch-nemesis of both Nester and Jesse, Nathaniel Gunther, a misanthropic child their age serving the Maelstrom Army as one of its main members. Operating from within his personal spider mechanoid, Nathaniel attacks, but Jesse and Nester team up to kill Nathaniel through an extended battle.

After Nathaniel is finally defeated, Jesse and Nester are then attacked by Wilson, who fires his Moonlight Bombard at Nester repeatedly. After missing many times, Wilson aims his weapon at Jesse, and Nester selflessly shoves Jesse out of the way to take the shot for himself. As a traumatized Jesse runs away in the pouring storm, Jesse catches a glimpse of Wilson holding Nester's body and laughing. Jesse soon runs into the tall and confident Brendan, who is in the area seeking monsters to catch. Currently, Brendan owns a rain tortoise named Squirty, and after battling their way through Maelstrom forces, the two boys go their separate ways. But Jesse, remembering Nester, boldens up and joins Brendan, and the two boys travel together from that point forward.

Elsewhere in the world again, in the middle of a colossal, desert battlefield, swordsman prince Ash is standing on the balcony of his castle, watching Bots detonate a Maelstrom Explosive far out in the distance. Ash races to investigate whatever destructive plot is transpired, but his csstle is besieged by the Subspace Army, forcing him to fight his way through repeated swarms of enemies until he gets to the grounds outside of the castle. When he reaches the zone of the detonated Maelstrom Explosive, Meta Lancer suddenly flies in and attacks Ash, each momentarily assuming that the other is a member of the Maelstrom Army. The two duel briefly, but they soon find themselves surrounded by Maelstrom minions, showing each other extremely clearly and quickly that they are not enemies by slashing the minions. The two swordsmen team up to battle and clear out the wave of Maelstrom Army grunts, and shortly afterward, the they catch sight of the Ancient Priest carrying yet another Darkness Explosive. They desperately catch up to him, but are unable to; luckily, out of nowhere, a third fellow swordsman named Kyle makes an appearance and attacks with his Aether blade, slicing the unset explosive from under the Priest and sending the surprised Priest whirling off into the sky. Kyle joins the other two to form a swordsman trio, and they immediately resume their pursuit of the Ancient Priest.

By this point, Autocrat Dylan has learned that Grendel and Wilson have joined the Maelstrom Army and are killing warriors. With his Dylan Brooch gambit in mind, he decides to start his own corpse collection. On a remote street, he and his underlings find, subdue, and kill a lone warrior, Marty's cowardly brother Luis by hitting him in the back with his mjorn. As Dylan finishes this, he sees Wilson coming by on his hovering Cargo with the carcasses of Zabinski and Nester in tow, and figures this is a perfect opportunity to collect trophies for himself. Dylan places the Luis body alone on the road to lure Wilson, and when Wilsom collects the apparent freebie he is ambushed and swarmed by underlings while Dylan takes away the Luis corpse, steals Wilson's Cargo, and drives away with it. Now Dylan has added Wilson's previous dead body acquisitions of Nesteer and Zabinski to his corpse collection, much to Wilson's chagrin.

Parent's Guide

Sex & Nudity


  • Zoey wears a form-fitting SWAT outfit, unintentionally showing off her physical curves, bust and buttocks. She is also quite flexible, and sometimes pulls her leg above her head.
  • Charlotte uses her backside in battle, such as her flying towards Maelstrom Soldiers back end-first, where the impact results in a large smattering of hearts, or by bopping them away with a single knock of the hip.
  • Some characters in the film are not wearing any clothing/pants, but there are no genitals visible.
  • Since it is a fighting movie game there is a lot of grabbing, though no private areas are grabbed.
  • Due to the earlier mentioned "grabbing", it is common for characters to look like they are in "inappropriate positions".
  • Wilson shakes his buttocks a lot. He is wearing pants though.
  • Sometimes Zabinski's stockings are shown under her dress.
  • By far the biggest thing to worry about is Charlotte. She goes upside down a lot, kicks up her dress and kicks Shadow Vermin henchmen in the air and we see under her dress. She has EXTREMELY visible pink panties. Her underwear actually is very detailed and even has hearts on lace trimming. Her panties hug her crotch and are really tight (not camel-toe level) and we see her backside very well detailed. Though her bare vagina/butt is not visible nor her bra/bare breasts. Though you need to very much be trying to do this to see them.
  • A few lines are somewhat raunchy.
  • Captain Fredrick wears really tight clothes and some more sensitive parents will see his penis bulging.
  • Agent 12345 wears really tight clothes that show off his muscles and leaves his backside sitting in...decent detail.
  • Zoey (look above) falls through a vent. She takes a good amount of time circling around her flexible body.

Violence & Gore


  • The characters in the film fight one another with punching, kicking, slapping, and headbutting and weapons firing projectiles and bombs. When villains kill characters, they simply get frozen to a base.
  • The level of violence in the film is cartoon-like, and even silly, and entirely bloodless. No characters display any physical injuries.
  • Peter uses a gun, but it's a toy gun that shoots corks.
  • Several warriors are killed throughout the film, including children. This is all the more frightening considering how long the movie is.
  • The closest thing is near the end, a character named Sensei Fingers gets gold chains ripped out of his knuckles. There is blood but it is about as gory and scary as a scraped knee.



  • Extremely mild words and all like "stupid" and "farting".



  • Several types of foods and drinks are eaten/drank. Some of which are cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Frightening/Intense Scenes


  • There are a lot of scary, dark and sad scenes to mix out with the happy and funny ones. Characters sacrifice themselves for their friends/family . One of these sacrifices has a character called Jesse running away in the rain after his friend Nester is defeated. But the characters soon get restored. The only "dead" characters who do not come back are zombies that get torn apart from explosives that need to commit suicide to activate it. They get torn apart from limb to limb. Another one has a cloaked character get ganged up and burnt to flames by foes. But he survives due to being a zombie. An isle where the zombies live in gets blown up and does not come back, leaving the whole zombie species extinct (besides from the Ancient Priest). However the isle going away is subtle and is not flat out mentioned. Kids will need to be super observant (or go on the internet) to know this.
  • Some villains and henchmen might be too scary for younger viewers. These include ghosts that have a horrifying scream, flying Goldfish with a huge eye and ghosts with blades. The main villain is a blue and humanoid monster that could scare young ones.
  • The battles pitting major characters against each other can get real tense the more action shown on screen.
  • Harambe and Prince Piranha makes realistic gorilla and shriek noises, respectively.
  • There is one seen where it appears Jesse is going to be crushed by the Statue of Liberty, but Nester arrives and destroys the animatronic statue.
  • Many warriors are killed throughout the film, including children. This is all the more frightening considering how long the movie is. By the end, only four are able to survive, and they must revive all the fallen heroes by fighting them.
  • This is the most kid friendly and cartoon-like PG-13 rated movie, but it is still quite intense.
  • Dark Lincoln and Dark Yadid look all... dark. This could look scary for young children.
  • Some dialogue could be scary.


Common Sense Media

Age: 11

Quality: 5/5 Stars

Positive Messages: 0/5

Violence: 3/5: No blood, but this film is chock-full of animated cartoon violence. Characters punch, kick, bounce, fart, whirl, and beat on opponents.

Consumerism: 1/5: Some characters and backgrounds are from other films.