Bosky Leader is an Uplander.


Name Description Price
Trandoshan Flames Bosky barfs balls of fire from his mouth, incinerating hostiles N/A
Charge Bosky runs head down killing invaders with his horns. N/A
Longer Ranged Raze Enhancing Bosky's bile, this ability lets Bosky shoot fireballs that travel much farther than before. $500
Trandoshan Flight Bosky takes to the clouds. Well, off the ground! Fly over water and move at big speed. $700
Sprint Charge Fitness counts. Bosky is able to charge for a long distance with this power. $900
Triple Fireballs Shoot 3 Fireballs instead of 1. $1,200

Rabbit Reaper

Name Description Price
Flame Shield This attack generates flame shields around Bosky when he uses his Fireball attack. $1,700
Ignitable Flame Blast Bosky's central Fireball ignites into an exploding force that not only is stronger but hits multiple saboteurs. $2,200
The Daybringer Fire Hold down your primary power button to build up this attack, which generates fire so great and bright it brings daylight to the sky. $3,000


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