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Not to be confused with the TALOVAG character

Baylee is a character in Morphers.


Baylee is the anomaly to the Flemyngs' intellectual nature. While it is true that she still is very smart, he is also extremely retarded thanks to her abilities not translating to the inside of her head and has a tendency to space out at times due to bashing her head a lot. He is the most immature of her village, preferring to play rather than show off her smarts.


Baylee has bright ginger hair with black highlights below, fair skin, brown eyes, and a beauty mark, and tends to wear a top which exposes her shoulders to an extent, yet still remaining long sleeved, black gloves, orange and black pants, and orange boots.



Her head is like a mallet, which she can use for a strong head butt. Her head also has the ability to inflate when hostile.