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Batman: Defender of Gotham. Better known as Batman: The TV Series is a crime tv program.


His parents got murdered when he was young, and that was the last time Bruce ever saw his parents. Now he protects Gotham from the greatest criminals, and will get justice for his parents

Cast Signups

  •  ??? as Batman/Bruce Wayne, the caped crusader himself
  • PixelFox666 as Nightwing/Dick Grayson, The former Robin who now works alone
  •  ??? as Robin/Damian Wayne, Bruce's adopted son who learns how to fight
  •  ??? as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, Comissioner's daughter
  • BENNYtheAVENGER as James Gordon, the commissioner of GCPD
  •  ??? as Catwoman/Selina Kyle, a criminal, who has a relationship with Batman
  • Skylanderlord3 as Two-Face/Harvey Dent, a psychopath who swears to get Batman
  • MilesRS677 as The Joker, a imprisoned psycho who needs a plan to get out of Arkham
  • PeacableKingdom as Red Hood, one of Batman's former Robins who murdered Tim Drake
  • MLG Neo-Futurist as Slade Wilson,the main antagonist
  • VesperalLight as Bane, a villain with super-strength who hates Batman